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  • COMMENT: The War on the Poor   21 weeks 4 days ago

    The problem is not the poor on wellfare the real problem as always are the corporate bums on welfare as they have all the money but are not allowed to be taxed. As always the rich are going to get richer at the expense of the 99%. And the government will make sure it will stay that way as they know where their support comes from.

  • Post Valentine’s Day POSITIVE STEPS TO A HEALTHY HEART   21 weeks 4 days ago

    This article is about loving your heart which confuses these fake priests of science, who tell deliberate lies to confuse the readers. 

    Very disappointing

  • Post Valentine’s Day POSITIVE STEPS TO A HEALTHY HEART   21 weeks 5 days ago

    Look witherton, Dr Gill doesn't need facts to make her points.

    After all she is a naturopath and like the rest of them, she has been educated in a naturopathic school, none of which are affiliated with a university because their teachings are based on hearsay and devoid of scientific thought, reasoning or experimentation. Universities don't want to be associated with such nonsense. 

    You are right there are so many errors here that you can't chase them all. My for instance here is that alcohol is metabolized into sugar. If "Dr" Gill knew even basic first year biochemistry, she would know that alcohol is metabolized like fat (via Acetyl CoA) not sugar. 

    Want more made up stuff just call the number at the end of the article or just watch for her next fantasy piece. 

  • Post Valentine’s Day POSITIVE STEPS TO A HEALTHY HEART   21 weeks 5 days ago

    Again, for the umpteenth time, why does the Nelson Daily keep publishing these articles of misinformation - they could potentially cause harm to the reader's health - is this not reason enough to stop publishing these articles? At least put them in the Opinion section, because they are full of false information - and shouldn't responsible journalism and editing refuse to publish something as 'fact' if it is easily verified to be completely false?

    For instance:

    1. Coconut oil has the highest level of saturated fats out of any oil you can find in the grocery. According to this article? It has low amounts. A quick look at wikipedia and it's as clear as day. In fact, the World Health Organization, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, Dieticians of Canada, and NUMEROUS other associations all recommend NOT TO USE coconut oil because it is so harmful to your health, worsening your cholesterol and theoretically increasing your risk of heart attack, stroke and death. Yet what does this article report - SHE RECOMMENDS IT FOR THE EXACT OPPOSITE REASON. 

    I don't have time to point out all the innacuracies of these articles, but I still am so shocked these are continuously published - free advertising for something that is proven to be unsafe information. I hope the readers are better able to research these fabrications than the editors are - because otherwise they are putting their health in jeopardy.

  • Backcountry skiier killed in avalanche near Revelstoke   21 weeks 6 days ago

    I heard there was a similar incident this year where a skii instructor in Glacier National Park fortunately survived. I hope we could really learn from these incidences. It really takes confidence and nerves to skii those avalance prone mountains in Revelstoke. Avalance is a natural force that has it's extremely unfortunate consequences. May he R.I.P. Best, Carol.

  • RDCK to set guidelines for zoning of medical marijuana production facilities   22 weeks 20 hours ago

    It''s their!

  • RDCK to set guidelines for zoning of medical marijuana production facilities   22 weeks 1 day ago

    I hope they can successfully get rid of this program. Should be going to court soon. I mean i think everyone is for licensed grows, just not selectivley chosen. People need to grow there own crop for many reasons....some strains of cannabis have certain ratios of cannabinoids....for example if you have wil need a high cbd strain. Also you can't control how it's grown. Some people use chemical fertilizers and some people go organic. I'd rather grow my own organic plants because you have total control of everything. Who is to say that the crop will be Flushed properly? Flushing is a process of just feeding it water from 2-4 weeks, so it can flush out nutrients etc. Also everything is supposed to be pre-shredded and that is not going to work. Plus it's way cheaper to grow your own crop then it would be to buy a pound at roughly $4500.

  • Second candidate announces interest to fill shoes of NDP's Alex Atamanenko   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Correction: The new riding does not include Kaslo. It does include RDCK electoral areas "H," "I," "J" and the part of "K" that is east of the Columbia River.

  • Councillor defends downtown   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Well said. Often people just prefer to stand on the side lines and throw rocks at those who participate and try to make a difference. Your comments are very much on point.

  • COMMENT: The War on the Poor   22 weeks 2 days ago

    The very notion of a "communist" threat is of course anachronistic. But while trends in conservatism like the Tea Party get plenty of media attention, there is little awareness of the sources of their thinking, which is often derived from dated literature about notions of a "communist conspiracy."

    Particularly influential is the John Birch Society (JBS), which puts up a front of being a right-wing anti-conspiracy organization, but through it's affiliate organization, Western Goals, which is run by members of the Knights of Malta, holds all kinds of bizarre associations with the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), had ties to Iran-Contra, and even the Moonies. Nevertheless, the JBS is an important influence behind the Patriot Movement, with which it shares ties with a number of white supremacist trends and neo-Nazi influences.

    Ron Paul is a prime example. Likewise, Fox News big mouth Glenn Beck also derives his outlook from leading JBS spokesman, Cleon Skousen, and his The Naked Communist, published in 1958.

    It's all part of what neoliberal scallywags like Murray Rothbard and his protege Lew Rockwell call "Outreach to rednecks."

    Great article in Salon: "Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck’s life."

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 3 days ago

    Well its not quite that simple but I understand the point.

    The problem has been that when oil companies are truely nationalized they tend to fail over the long term. This is because the politicians then spend all the money made on pork barrel politics and don't reinvest in the company and it finally fails, Just look at Pemex in Mexico, which has now opened up its oil to private companies. Or the particularly severe case of this happening to the state owned company with the largest reserves in the world, Petróleos de Venezuela.

    Statoil of Norway is 67% owned by the state and the rest owned privately by the public. This mixture seems to function well for Norway, but I still think their politicians are much better at proper governence and doing what is right for the country. Our politicians seem much more focused on winning the next election than doing the right thing.

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    The problem in Canada is that the Government has given every natural product that rightly belongs to citizens to corporations and and allow them to bleed us of our rightful share. Why can't the resourses be nationalised and Canada have a trillion dollar bank roll like Norway. Then they have to tax us higher to get money. At least the citizens of Norway have the TRILLIONS. And our gready government make sure they sqander our tax dollars like the idiots they are.

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks for the article, Murray. What bothers me even more is the direct link of complaints to the Canada Revenue Agency with Harper's office. Ethical Oil, a group that has formally submitted complaints to the CRA about Tides Canada, the David Suzuki Foundation and Environmental Defence, was founded by Alykhan Velshi, who is currently the director of issues management in the Prime Minister's Office.

    See the full story at:

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    I think we aren't understanding one another

    there is nothing wrong with that. It's good for them. The reason gas is so high in Norway is because they tax the hell out of it and save the money. It discourages its use at home and they reap the rewards of selling it elsewhere.

    The US taxes gas less than Canada so it is cheaper there. If Canada wanted to follow Norway's thinking we should add about a dollar a litre in taxes to gasoline which would markedly decrease use at home, leaving more for sale elsewhere. We wouldn't follow the US and decrease taxes so gas is cheaper and the country uses even more. Then we would save the profits made offshore and from the higher taxes.

    Are you trying to say it costs more in Canada because the companies are ripping us off while they don't do that in the USA? Taxes are by far the major reason for the disparity.

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 4 days ago

    You say; "This is because they want to discourage its use at home so they can sell it elsewhere and keep the profit for education, health care, and the future" what is wrong with that.  That is why they have so much money available for everyone in Norway and they can afford to buy gas everyone not the select few. They also reap the benefits and look to the peoples intersts instead of giving everything to corporate world of greed. Good for them- too bad for us. I notice you didn't reply to the price of gas in the USA and that they buy it from us and still sell it 30 cents a litre cheaper. Why do we continue being gouged?

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 5 days ago

       Genera. The facts are all over the internet. Norway has the highest priced gas at 10 dollars a gallon. BC's carbon tax was a few pennies a gallon but there was a taxpayer revolt against it. We want cheap gas today while Norway wants education and health care forever.

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 5 days ago

    I'd like to ask where Leperman's facts come from! But as for cheep gas if you were to cross into the USA you would find gas some 30 cents a litre cheeper and a hundred litre fill would be some $30.00 cheeper. POOR CANADA, they buy it from us!!!

  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   22 weeks 6 days ago

    Part of the reason Norway has done so well is that they have the highest priced gasoline in the world. This is because they want to discourage its use at home so they can sell it elsewhere and keep the profit for education, health care, and the future.

    Canada on the other hand acts much like those in the USA. If the price goes up at all, such as BCs greenhouse gas taxes, there is almost a revolt against the government. We want our gas and we want it cheap. We aren't as smart as the Norwegians...

  • Christopher Hedges, greed, female emancipation...   23 weeks 5 hours ago

    "Google now blocks access to Hedges’ columns on (try going there and see what happens…)" 

    What are you smoking, Charles? Maybe you need a better browser, although I am still using Internet Explorer 8.


  • Has Big Oil Hijacked democracy?   23 weeks 14 hours ago

    Norway's Oil Fund Heads For $1 Trillion; So Where Is Alberta's Pot Of Gold?

    Why is it that Canada gives away all our national treasures to corporations instead of doing like Norway???? They belong to Canadians, when will we as a people wake up and get rid of the governments that sell us down the river. Are we so stupid that we allow this to go on? Why don't we Nationalize everything in the ground and grows on it like lumber? I for one would like some money in my pocket too.

  • COMMENT: MLA makes connections with seniors   23 weeks 2 days ago

    An excellent article, thank you! Very interesting.

    Great post, good work. It Couldn’t be wrote any better. 

  • LETTER: Jimenez death in CBSA Vancouver - Oh Canada - a land of Prisons and pipelines   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Read Susan Delacourt's book "Shopping for Votes". It is an excellent history and analysis of how we got to where we are. If democracy is to mean anything at all in Canada's future, it will depend very much on our behaviour. Do we see ourselves as citizens, responsible and accountable to ourselves, or do we see ourselves as customers of governments, just as we are customers of Walmart (too bad for locally owned stores).


  • LETTER: Jimenez death in CBSA Vancouver - Oh Canada - a land of Prisons and pipelines   23 weeks 5 days ago

    The only ones that can ever expect  a break in this so called democracy are polititions and the corporate world what else is new. But then again who gets voted in but the parties that are financed by the corporate giants what can we expect from these mega giants and their paid off cronies? Wake up Canada and smell the corruption

  • Castlegar fired up to become Kraft Hockeyville 2014   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Castlegars Kraft Hockeyville site has been picking up momentum in the past 4 or 5 days with a decent increase in nominations but we need more, a lot more. We are not going to get a second chance at this. It's all or nothing. Just like a game of hockey or any sport for that matter. If you leave everything on the ice, then we can say we gave it our best shot and can finish with our heads held high. Not everyone can win but we can with your votes. You don't have to be a hockey player or even like the game. It's about much more then that. It's about community. It takes a community to raise a child and having places for them to play and grow is part of the puzzle. So let's get our nominations in and make them count because there are no second chances!    Castlegar is Kraft Hockeyville!

  • GF and area offer free Family Day (weekend) events   24 weeks 12 min ago

    Correction: The Grand Forks Rotary Club will be selling their kettle corn as usual. This is one of their typical fundraisers. Originally we understood it was part of the free activities and food for Family Day events. 

    Also, the golf will be held on Market Avenue. Not at the CL Golf Course. 

    The article has been updated.