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  • No 'pot queen' here says Nelson's new mayor Deb Kozak   1 year 11 weeks ago

    in the least.

  • No 'pot queen' here says Nelson's new mayor Deb Kozak   1 year 11 weeks ago

    i actually don't care if any one cares....especially not Leperman...

    but thanks for not caring.

  • COMMENT: Mayor speaks to labour dispute   1 year 11 weeks ago

     "CUPE local union leadership has directed their members to ..."

    "I and Council have directed management ..."

    Is there anybody left in our society to think independently, you know, the kind of stuff freedom is said to be all about?

  • COMMENT: Mayor speaks to labour dispute   1 year 11 weeks ago

    are you laughing at the union? This seems to be a simple problem so get to solving it.

  • No 'pot queen' here says Nelson's new mayor Deb Kozak   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Finally we know what Hans thinks.

    Wonder what makes him think anyone cares?

  • OUT OF LEFT FIELD: The column no one wants to read   1 year 11 weeks ago

    it was a great album....

    not so good when manifested as you portray it, however....

    i loved your column...very well put....

    as i suggested above, the only "Blind Faith" i support is that old album from the 70's....from that band by the same name whose members were Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech... 

  • No 'pot queen' here says Nelson's new mayor Deb Kozak   1 year 11 weeks ago

    in my view, the Sensible B.C. people are protesting far too much that they were responsible for Ms Kozak's win in the recent election....i beg to suggest that enough people were tired of Mayor Dooley's attitude that as the election was his to lose, so he lost it....and i further beg to suggest that pot had nothing to do with it.

    when Sensible B.C. called me, i refused the call...i'm not interested in being lobbied by them or any other organisation...i make up my own mind, and do not appreciate robo calls at supper time...earlier i had been asked to be a part of the Nelson campaign, because i once commented on their legalisation campaign, but again, i am not interested in such campaigns, nor in getting involved in such fact i felt like i was being stalked by Sensible B.C., in their attempts to get people to help them in their activities...and i REALLY do not appreciate that kind of behaviour...

    i believe that Sensible B.C. actors have only blackened their own names with this kind of campaign...and the bragging associated with it.

    despite  Sensible B.C.'s lobbying efforts, i voted for Deb because i knew her previously, from when she worked at Nelson CARES, and i respected her then, and later, as a city councillor, whereas i've never liked Mayor Dooley's approach....i voted for an alternative last time too...

    that being said, i want to congratulate Deb Kozak, on becoming our new Mayor...and the first woman to be Mayor of Nelson, ever!! Congratulations, Deb!!! Looking forward to your tenure as Mayor~!


  • Nelson gets a new mayor as Deb Kozak unseats John Dooley   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Whether a leader is male or female has no significance.  What matters is whether or not they are qualified for the position and are able to do the job well.

  • COMMENT: CUPE looks for alternate venue for Winterfest   1 year 11 weeks ago
    when I began reading this story I was very confused. I thought it was about Rekindle in Rossland (being in the Rossland Paper). Tough spot to be in. We (Rossland) should invite Castelgar to join us for Relindle if their celebration is unable to Proceed.
  • COMMENT: Remembrance Day and different versions of respect for those who died   1 year 12 weeks ago

    mind-boogling wealth for corporations and the 1% when wars created by evil facists in government dealing death to innocents

  • Nelson gets a new mayor as Deb Kozak unseats John Dooley   1 year 12 weeks ago

    ....after well over a century, Nelson has its first female Mayor. Congratulations Mayor Kozak and congratulations Nelson voters!

  • Interior Health considers contracting out dirty laundry; 16 FTE's could be lost at KLH   1 year 12 weeks ago

    The laundry was one of the few crumbs that the IHA left to Nelson after dismantling Nelson's medical, surgical, ICU, pathology, and other services, soon after the IHA's creation.

    The IHA never had any intention of leaving the laundry in Nelson just like they never had any intention of moving the regional hospital from its extreme edge in Trail. The administrators of the IHA just find it more convenient to lie to people, than have to deal with the truth. After all you don't get to vote for them. It's not like a real corporation where shareholders get to evaluate and vote for those running it. These are political appointments, behind closed doors, ie intimate friends of the BC Liberals.

    Even though the IHA had promised the residents of this region that planning for a new central hospital would start within 5 years, 12 years ago, we all know that Teck in Trail is just too good of a friend of the BC Liberals to be ignored and no planning of any sort has yet started.

    But I never do expect the truth from the over-paid administrators at the Inferior Health Authority.

  • OPEN LETTER: The City's 'trash talkin' swagger' in the face of AGLG report is shameful   1 year 13 weeks ago

      I can't believe how dysfunctional Rossland's City Hall has become. 

     """"" The local media reports after the AGLG Audit results that "Rossland will go down in BC as a textbook case in municipal incompetence that verges on corruption." 

    The mismanagement of the arena renovation and the upgrade of Rossland's main street, may have cost Rossland taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost over runs. 

    CBC announces Rossland's incompetence to the entire country: 

    The mismanagement of the City of Rossland and it's media coverage have already scared away many potential residents and businesses from moving to Rossland.

    Rossland has lost it's high school and taxes continue to rise.  Something has to change. 

    The Mountain Kingdom of Rossland has become a Mountain Circus.


  • Interior Health considers contracting out dirty laundry; 16 FTE's could be lost at KLH   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Hopefully the next Mayor of Nelson will dig in her heals on this issue with IHA, as it will have a serious affect on the payroll that is spent in our city businesses. Having worked in this laundry in question when it had much older equipment than it currently has I'm concerned the decision has already been made to contract out.

    In the last go around on this issue the laundry was going to have to be trucked round trip to Calgary, more green house gases on top of the lost good paying jobs.

    Oh when will we learn.

  • Illegal dumping concerns RDCK Environmental Services   1 year 13 weeks ago

    The root causes of this is the lack of access, short hours of operation and price. RDCK transfer stations are built like prisons, fencing with barb wire, gates and video surveilliance. All to keep refuse from being dumped at a location paid for buy us. Dumping household waste in the RDEK is free. Why? Because the directors prudentently decided that it was better to have free and accessable transfer sites than have garbage dumped on back roads. 

  • City council candidate Jason Peil: 'Council should do more asking and listening.'   1 year 15 weeks ago

    This is a great series of in-depth interviews, especially helpful because almost all the candidates are new this election. Reading them really leaves me with a sense of who the candidates are and what they care about. 

  • Rossland brewery wins provincial beer award   1 year 15 weeks ago

    What a huge honor for the Rossland Beer Company!  love the Paydirt Pale Ale but my fav is the amber- It deserves a prize too. Well done and here's to you! 

  • HEAVEN: A magical evening of unicorns, double rainbows, democratic discourse   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Well done, and a big thanks to Adrian Barnes, Kelly Mcleanand Fletcher Quince for putting on a really excellent event at The Old FireHall- Rossland Social Club last night. The speed-candidating was a great format to have a whole bunch of in depth conversations with a a host of different folks on a wide variety of topics. Chatting with the other candidates after the event, we were all impressed by the depth and breadth of knowledge Rosslanders brought to the event with some tough, but important questions. It was a model in civil discourse, idea exchanging, and conversations and questions that at my station at least were all geared towards finding positive solutions rather than looking back at past failures. That's how you do democracy right - engage the people, collaborate together to generate great ideas and solutions and then bring them to the council table, working with the public and keeping them in the loop throughout.

    I suggested to the other candidates after the event that if elected, we should hold similar events at least a couple of times a year for folks to have a chance to engage one on one with council over a beverage in a relaxed social atmosphere. That's another communication / collaboration piece that I would fully support if elected, and work towards regularly holding more interactive progressive events like the one put on last night.

    Thanks to all who made it out.

  • LETTER: Trustee comments on Blueberry Creek School meeting   1 year 15 weeks ago

    The article indicates that the opinionof the gathering was that "the School Board sell the Blueberry Community School Society for $1."

    Sorry, that doesn't really make sense to me .. the Board is going to sell the Society?  Should it not read, that the School Board sell Blueberry School to the Blueberry Community School Society for $1"?  

  • HEAVEN: A magical evening of unicorns, double rainbows, democratic discourse   1 year 15 weeks ago

    Many thanks to the sponsors of this event- The Telegraph, Kelly McLean and the Old Firehall! It was a very enjoyable evening. I thought there were some terrific questions asked and I was pleased to see that the over all feeling was one of optimism for change, sincere interest in the workings of our fine city and lots of good ideas. I definitely support more casual public engagement for the next term. I had the idea about walking with the mayor, because I wanted to establish some less formal ways for people to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Plus I love to walk. I really like the "ski with a councillor "(or mayor) idea too.

    Also, if there is enough appetite from people to do another casual get together with the candidates before the election, I definitely support that. We live in an amazing town full of really terrific people who have a lot to contribute. I'm in favor of whatever works to keep the dialogue going. It was suggested that the next council continue to have sessions like "beer and ballots" or "council and coffee" and all of the candiates I spoke with strongly supported the idea.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Why not take Andre's suggestion, Les, and just respond to Andrew Bennett's clearly-labelled criticisms one by one in this public forum? It would take you two minutes. Then we can all participate in the conversation and hopefully come to a common consensus? I'm not sure what public good private conversations do in situations like this.

    From my own end, I think you're obliged to explain your accusations against me (that I'm furthering private goals by publishing Andrew's piece) in a public forum--or to retract them publicly. You've slandered my name in this thread and I think you should be willing to explain yourself or--if you have nothing to say in your own defense--please just apologize like the decent person I'm sure you are.

    We all know tempers get hot at times like these and there's no shame in owning up to a mistake. But it's morally wrong just to accuse, accuse, accuse, then remain silent when called on it.

    I'll make it easy for you, in fact. Here's a clear statement: "I don't care one whit whether Kathy Moore or Jill Spearn becomes mayor as they're both fine candidates". Call me a liar publicly or apologize for implying otherwise.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I have been challenged a great deal since my initial objection to Andrew Bennett’s article about one of the candidates who is running in Rossland’s municipal election.  With that being said, and because of the responses in the Telegraph and the messages left on my answering machine, I am willing to sit down and face my obligations of backing up my public statements.  I will offer to meet with anyone at the seniors hall at a given time if anyone is serious about sitting down to have a face to face chat with me.  I think it was Andrew who suggested an open debate on the matter. 

    Maybe an open debate on the matter would be a good thing at this point in time.  My name is in the phone book, as some of already found.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Les, why are you persisting in your accusations about Bennett's conduct? I have asked you before to provide readers with simple one-word answers to his nine points, why are you refusing to respond?

    Bennett's Allegation #1 - is this a fact or innuendo?

    Allegation #2 - is thisa fact or innuendo


    There are only nine points. It is these nine points that started this long string of comments. If taking a stand on all nine is too much to ask, let me suggest we start with just one. How about Bennett's point #7 which was:

    "What about hiring an (absentee, enormously overpriced) CAO without a job competition? And handing her a jewel-encrusted contract that leaves the city zero recourse for review and gives her all the control?"

    Is that a fact, or did Bennett fantasize????

    And if you need clear identification of the writer before resonding, my name is Andre Carrel, I am retired former City Administrator of Rossland.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Les- Thank you for a potential invitation to tea. I would gladly accept. I am sorry that someone has left you unpleasant messages on your phone. I do not condone such behavior, and like you, I always put my name to any messages that I write. When we have met in person, you have been a perfect gentleman.

    The pundits don't call this the "silly season" without reason. I've heard that I don't live here full time, I only attend 50% of the meetings and other untruths. (In case anyone reading this has heard the same: I don't have another home outside of Rossland, I've attended 97% of council meetings and I have attended 4 meetings via the telephone and have never billed the city for the calls. sigh). This stuff is almost as silly as the one I heard, that the Granstroms don't shop locally. Obviously, I don't beleive that.

    So there are rumours and there are truths. Not everything that is said or written is pleasant but that doesn't make it false either. The commentary in this string has been strongly worded for sure. 

    As for the next council being functional, I am confident that it will be regardless of who gets elected. There will be new people, new personalities and new leadership at the helm. The dynamic will be completely different and in my opinion, it will be significantly better.

  • Province announces new distracted driving penalties in effect Monday   1 year 16 weeks ago

    this sanction is still too little, and will not really prevent people from continuing this dangerous practice....i see people on the cell phone all the time whilst driving, or riding a bicycle...or walking down the street, including crossing streets, which is extremely stupid and dangerous....

    the police should seize the offending device, and give a HEFTY that the miscreant gets the message....