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  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Les, you say that you will now campaign against a certain candidate because of this opinion piece. The piece was not written by the candidate — it was written by a former employee of the Telegraph, as his own opinion piece. It's not even necessarily the opinion of the Telegraph itself.

    Newspapers publish opinion pieces and columns all the time, and they also often endorse candidates in an election, via an editorial written by the editor in chief on the editorial page.

    To not support a local candidate because an opinion piece you disagree with was written by local media would be no different from not supporting Justin Trudeau because Andrew Coyne sided with him in the National Post and against Stephen Harper.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Hi Shelley:


    Well, it is important that I continue to pay attention to details.  Thank you for the clarification and I am very glad that Andrew Zwicker is running for council.




  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Hi Tammy - Andrew Bennett wrote this opinion piece. He used to write for the Telegraph and attended and reported on council meetings for three years, I think. It's Andrew Zwicker who is running for council, who works for KAST, not Andrew Bennett. Andrew Bennett is not running for council, at least not this election.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    I read Andrew's letter regarding Greg Granstrom and I have to say that it left a very bad taste in my mouth.  Such public castigation of one of our fellow citizens is in bad taste and I was shocked at the tone content of Andrew's comments.

    Mr. Granstom's record stands for itself.

    I have always appreciated Andrew's unique perspectives and ways of seeing the world.  I was pretty certain that Andrew would have my vote, however this has given me pause for thought as I am not sure that I could vote for someone who would treat another person in such a way.

    I thought we were trying to get away from such dysfunction on our city council? 

    Tammy McLean

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Jody- I followed proper procedure by first bringing the arena issues up to Greg when I found out about it (Nov 2011 right before the election). He did not want to hold an in camera at that time with the outgoing council. You were brand new to council so perhaps you do not recall that I tried to bring the arena irregularities up in an in camera meeting and was shut down. What you may not be aware of was that I had spoken to Greg about it before, again requesting an in camera. The matter was added to a January meeting. It was added to the agenda, not on the agenda. I did not know we were going to be discussing until that night. I also went to the CAO and got no support.

    The letter to which you refer was not public, it was to our municipal auditor. I wrote it because I was concerned about an issue that no one else seemed interested in pursuing- most likely because Council did not get the opportunity to hear what my concerns were.



  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    It is absolutely unacceptable to treat someone in our community like this; to write such a disparaging and inaccurate article. Someone who has devoted so much of their time, energy, effort, of their own life and their family’s into a community should not have to endure this kind of personal attack. NO member of ANY community should have to endure this kind of treatment. Ever.

    The very thought that these opinions are even remotely perceived as publishable online on a public ‘community’ forum is horrendous and about as dysfunctional for community as anything could ever be, and with much farther- reaching effects than the author can apparently conceptualise. 

    The discrepancy between Truth and Telegraph was continually so atrocious I quit reading years ago; I could never possibly have the time to write enough comments to correct the manipulative and fallacious story telling that could so often be read in this blog on council and CoR related matters.  I had to stop reading to curb the temptation to try.

    I have first-hand experience working with both Kathy and Greg and I am appalled at the fictional-story-like presentation of the elements of the article above.  I trust that most people reading it would not be so gullible as to believe it, but it saddens and frustrates me to see the attempt being made to bring such misinformation into our community.  Kathy and Greg were equally each one of seven votes in charge when the arena events occurred, and afterward, Greg had the guts and sense of responsibility to ‘wear it’ and Kathy didn’t. Kathy did NOT bring this information to the current council, new at the time (myself being one of them); the new Council members learned about it when she wrote a public letter, dealing with it in such a way that ultimately gave this past employee grounds to sue the City of Rossland.  She could have chosen to write a letter to Council instead, and we could have dealt with things much more efficiently, effectively, even severely, and in such a way as not to leave the CoR vulnerable to legal action. She chose the route of a parade queen instead. 

    If everyone had the guts, commitment and sense of responsibility to run for Council or Mayor of Rossland this month, daring to put oneself through the gossip ringer along with this blog and every disparaging pseudo-intellectual dinner party conversation disguised as political banter, articles such as the one above would never be written…

    I am certain the author will follow up with some kind of retort, and then he will follow that up with a somewhat more abusive email again, but it’s worth it. I am writing this one comment to stand up for a committed, hard-working member of our community and to let anyone who happens across this article online to see that not everyone in Rossland believes that this level of bullying and meanness exemplified in the article above is acceptable behaviour. 

    Community effort deserves encouragement and support.  Most Rosslanders actually appreciate active members of the community and it is so unfortunate that discouraging words such as those on the article above are being strung together to work against that.  All Rosslanders are creative, active people with uplifting life stories and productive insight and I'm so tired of reading and hearing innaccurate gossip and disparaging comments instead. 

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Wow! This is quite the lively discussion! First off, I agree with Andre: Greg definitely has the right to run and the voters of Rossland have the right to choose him or reject him. I was very happy to be running against him for Mayor because I felt the citizens would have a clear choice of the type of leadership they wanted for our town. Greg is as dedicated to this community as I am. He has put in years of service. This term he attended 93% if the meetings, I attended 92% (and for those who are interested: I attended by phone for 4 of those meetings)

    If I am elected Mayor and Greg is elected to council I will work with him, as I will work with anyone elected. Our 6 year history will make it more of a challenge but I'm up for challenges. It is rather unconventional that a sitting Mayor, who clearly loves the position, would first indicate he was running to hold onto the seat, then switch with another ally, the perhaps more electable Councllor Spearn, but he did not break any rules by doing so. 

    I appreciate Les' loyalty to Greg- friendship is a good and powerful thing. It's important to note that while Les has attended a few council meetings, Andrew attended hundreds and is entitled to express his observations. I agree with Adrian's first suggestion to Les: Write a response, based on fact, that addresses Andrew's comments. The Telegraph will certainly publish it. Les, I know that you will not vote for me and that is fine- I am glad you have a candidate that you support. I only ask that you please remember, the truth might not be pretty but it is never a smear.

    As I read Andrew's piece I saw a few inaccuracies too. But they were in the details, not the substance: The Col/Wash project was estimated originally at $6m not $9m. I did not submit any Freedom of Information requests, and there are ongoing legal disputes about the actual loss to the City on the arena project and the former building inspector's role in it. As for yelling- yes, Greg has yelled at me, in the presence of staff and councillors but not in public council meetings that I can recall. I will not dispute the characterization of bullying. However, in all fairness, there were plenty of meetings that were pleasant enough. Those are the inaccuracies that come to mind. 

    I want to be perfectly clear, regardless of who is elected this term, Council will be different and better, of that I have no doubt. I can envision a healthy atmosphere where open, spirited and respectful discussions occur. It is not that far out of reach. The dedicated citizens who put their names forward ALL have something to offer. I trust the wisdom of the voters to choose who will best represent their values and goals.

    Please go to or my FB page: Kathy Moore for Mayor to learn more about me and my ideas for the next term. And PLEASE vote.


  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Adrian; I do respect in the highest regards the fine line that journalists must tread in their quest to bare the truth to sensitive matters; be it in the dirty pits of political campaigns to governmental policy makings.  

    What I have read in the Telegraph was not good journalism, it was heavily slanted towards an outright personal vendetta either on behalf of your own feelings or representing a campaigning municipal candidate.  

    You and your candidate are attempting to publicly crucify another candidate even before he has taken a seat at the council table.  I smell a desperate fear from a certain candidate that absolute control may be in jeopardy should Mr. Granstrom win a seat on the Rossland council.

    As I stated in a previous comment in regards this story, this type of personal butchering and public smearing has no place in a local municipal election campaign. If this type mudslinging is taking place during a campaign, how can elected officials ever get by these smears and operate as a functioning council after the campaign is over and done with and the operation of the city gets back into gear?  

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Oh, Les....

    Publishing a fact-based criticism of a leader isn't bad journalism, it IS journalism functioning as it should. And if Jill or Kathy become mayor, they'll be open to similar criticism if they make similar errors.

    You should know that we've contacted ALL candidates and offered them all the space they want to offer their own views on any aspect of governance or any issue. I've spent six years on this project (the Telegraph) trying to foster intelligent and balanced debate. The greatest crime of the current council, for my money, has been their utter refusal to engage the public, Kathy Moore excepted. If you think we favour her for mayor, that's a perception engendered by the fact that she's been the only person who's been willing to talk!

    Mudslinging is when people make unfounded personal attacks. What aspect of Mr. Bennett's piece do you find unfounded, exactly? Do you think the mayor handled the arena scandal well? Do you think the pool fiasco was good governance? Do you not believe that he has an anger issue at times when people disagree with him?

    What, exactly, isn't true here? I'd love to hear.

    People always think that criticism means 'personal' or 'rigidly opposed' or something. But the truth is, I'd love to engage the points of view of those who support Mr. Granstrom's performance in office. Perhaps you could write that piece? In that case, I'd be very pleased to publish and promote it.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    I dont think Mr. Bennett is suggesting that Mr. Granstrom not be allowed to run. I think it was more that he was making a rhetorical appeal to the mayor's better nature after a three year term that had to be as hard on our leader as it was on everybody else.

    I have nothing against Mr. Granstrom as a person. He seems like a nice guy. But I do think there comes a point where public confidence in a governing body gets shaken and a change is needed in order to reinvigorate the institution.

    That said, we'll get the government we deserve on November 15. And if that's four more years of non-existent communication, then maybe we'll all learn by 2018...or 2022. At the end of the day, if Rossland is a town of self-indulgent skers and stoners who really don't care about the direction of the city...then the city will go in whatever direction it wants to, I suppose.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    This article is nothing but a below the belt mud slinging campaigning and does not belong in local, civic politics.  

    It was easy to read through this article to see who it was meant to campaign for.  You can be assured that this candidate has lost my support and will campaign against her to the day of the Rossland civic elections.  It is really too bad that this type of dirty campaigning had reach our city.  

    If this is the way the Telegraph campaigns for the staff's candidate and her camp of supporters, it really does show just how far they will go to destroy someone to get elected.  That alone will raise the suspicions of many as to what is behind this mud slinging and to what further length this camp will go to to win their place at city hall.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    The idea that the list of candidates in a democratic election should only include the names of people who are acceptable to those informed in the art responsible governance is the very idea that is driving thousands of people to protest in the streets of Hong Kong.

    What drives people to block streets in Hong Kong is the idea that the choice of candidates in an election must be limited to acceptable individuals because too many people, having been distracted and influenced by propaganda, would likely vote for candidates who are not acceptable to those who know what is best for the community.

    Hong Kong is a long way from Rossland in more than just distance. However, to suggest that certain people should not run for election in order to protect the community from the ignorance its members is to undermine democracy's principles at its core.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Have a look at this web page. It gives you the official results of the 2011 municipal election in Rossland:

    Laurie Charlton is one of the people mentioned in Andrew's comment. Look at where he ended up on the list.

    Then take a look at the top right-hand corner. There were, in 2011, an estimated 2613 electors in Rossland, and a mere 965 bothered to vote. That is just short of 37 percent.

    If after a performance such as Andrew has described, and you are confirming, just one in three people in Rossland make the effort (and wow, what an effort it is) to vote, and if enough voters make their decision based on who bought the last beer (remember, its a secret ballot) then indeed Rossland does deserve the council it gets. And may Lady Fortune shine on the next building inspector!

    It is up to those who care, and particularly up those who agree with you and Andrew, to get off your asset and get out to vote. And drag your neighbours, friends, cousins, customers and hiking buddies with you.

    If Laurie could not cut the mustard with a 37% turnout, what chances would Greg have with a 50% turnout? And if the turnout should double to 74% (probably tops in BC) and Greg is elected, then how could you argue that Rossland did not get the council it deserves?

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    So well written, Andrew. I miss reading your intelligent, thought-out, well-researched pieces in the Telegraph! Thank-you for summarizing all of those things that have happened over the past 3 years. And thank-you for identifying the bullying tactics. I saw some of that behaviour at the council meeting on Tuesday, when it became obvious that Greg did not want to budge from the existing signage policies. As you said: "he just wants to get the debate over and done with, when he doesn't want to listen to what is being said, and when he isn't willing to change his point of view..." I started to see those bullying tactics start to come out "to get it over with". 

    I would like to see him pull out. Yes - democracy is great and Andre is right about leaving it up to the people. Except that many people will vote for Greg because they have never seen him in action in council and they have listened to his side of the stories (although it really isn't a legitmate "side") and have had a good time drinking and playing golf with him. That is not informed voting. Perhaps people have even been bullied into voting for him - who knows?

  • Dam Safety Review holds no surprises but highlights risks   1 year 5 weeks ago

    This property was purchased by the RDCK for an inflated price. (see previous NDN articles) It seems there was no due dilagence on the part of RDCK employees and elected officials and once again, we the taxpayers carry the financial burden. 

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 5 weeks ago

    I disagree with you suggestion that Greg should withdraw his name from the coming election. My reason has nothing to do with any of the points listed in your comment. I speak to the principle of democracy.

    Voting in elections, by contrast to voting on council, is secret. The process goes to great length to ensure the secrecy of choices made by voters.

    For the political health of the community it is the citizens of Rossland who must decide whether Greg remains on council or is retired. People may agree or disagree with your summary of Greg’s past council performance. Whether they decide to sit this one out, to elect Greg, or to send him packing - let them decide, let them speak. Voting in a democracy is not a privilege, it is a responsibility.

    Nobody forced Greg to run. By withdrawing from the race at 5 minutes to midnight, Greg would deny voters their responsibility to decide.

    Let the choice be the voters’, not of Greg’s. Allow Rossland to have the council it deserves.

  • Province deliberating on Jumbo compliance decision   1 year 5 weeks ago

    Nature's Justice demands a STOP!!!!!!!

    Corporate justice is killing mother nature.

  • Canadian crime rate drops, but still $85 Billion cost to taxpayer   1 year 5 weeks ago

    "the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank." The Fraser Institute is a very partisan organization.

  • Government grants environmental assessment certificate to BC Hydro for the Site C Clean Energy project   1 year 6 weeks ago

    It is my understanding that the government is paying near $80 million dollars per year to buy hydro electricity that they can't sell.  Why does this government need another hydro electric dam?

  • Indie author brings know-how to Kootenay writers   1 year 6 weeks ago

    I followed the lirk provided; however, I could not find your class.

    Need more info please.

    Les Anderson

  • Nucerity contingent works to beautify the banks of highway overpass   1 year 7 weeks ago

    Thank you to the Nucerity Multi-Level Marketing Company for planting flowers on the Highway 6/3A banks.  Everyone loves flowers.

    I take exception, however, to the perception that the banks are "kind of an eye sore" that NMLMC needs to "beautify".  I take great pleasure in this part of Nelson: the elevated view West from the top of the banks, the view upwards from the road with it's panorama of grasses, bushes, trees, and trails of flattened grass where people have slid down to the highway.  The view of the entire banks changes in it's nature with the weather, season and time of day.   It's a gentle, ungroomed,  peaceful and beautiful welcome to Nelson.

    So, Nucerity Multi-Level Marketing Company do your good deeds, earn your points from company HQ in Texas, create your own beautiful lives and check your hubris at the door.


  • Slocan Valley resident lays private charges over jet fuel spill   1 year 8 weeks ago

    No action until now? Shame on corporate controlled governments.

  • Hey, what's that yellow sticker on my garbage?   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Thanks you guys for continuing to spread awareness and educate folks on the proper etiquette of living in a part of the country that benefits from having so much wildlife about. Hopefully the campaign works and people learn to take care of their attractants properly, which is so easy to do. If they don't, maybe bylaw can assist in passing along the message with warnings or fines if people insist on not caring for themselves.

    I hope Selkirk College is paying attention to this and starts to do something about their continually open, non-bearproof dumpsters. Their lame "we can't do anything about it, those dumpstes need to be open" excuse is brutal, and lazy. How many more bears have to be killed in Fairview before they do something???

  • OP/ED: A first and last comment on 9-11.   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Kyra, your account reminded me of my favourite Orwell quote:

    “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”

  • OP/ED: A first and last comment on 9-11.   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Every major military expedition that the US has been involved in over the last century has been conducted under the false pretence of a false flag operation:

    WWI: the sinking of the Lusitania
    WWII: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which the Americans either provoked and/or knew about.
    Vietnam War: the Golf of Tonkin Incident was a non-incident

    The recent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (because they were guilty of 9/11?) are no different.

    Same nonsense now is going on with the bogus ISIS in Iraq. A classic case of Hollywood trickery so well illustrated in the movie Wag the Dog.

    People need to realize that characterizing these truths as “conspiracy theories” is the defence mechanism of the media. Their only recourse is to dismiss them as “paranoid” and ad hominem fallacies of ridicule instead of addressing the facts.

    There’s nothing outlandish in mentioning these truths.

    On the contrary, the tragedy is the extent to which we’ve been so inebriated with frivolous entertainment that we’ve come to grossly underestimate the degree of maliciousness some men are willing to resort to. To them, this world is a high-stakes game, and all bets are off.

    Here’s the famous from retired US Marine Corps Major General and two time Medal of Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler, from 1935:

    "War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small 'inside' group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes."