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  • Nelson Committee on Homelessness frustrated at cut-backs to Income Assistance office hours   1 year 16 weeks ago

    this is absolutely disgusting treatment by an out of touch Provincial government which does not value the people it is supposed to serve. the Ministry should be bloody well ashamed of themselves.

    the Province may be "open for business", if you are wealthy and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, but if you are on Income assistance, including those with physical and mental disabilities, they are closed most of the time, and inaccessible the rest of the time....

    whatever happened to "think globally but act LOCALY?"

    when it comes to the real needs of the citizens of the province of B.C., it is clear that the Clarkista Chamber of Commerce Party (aka the "B.C. Liberals") are NOT on the job....except to cut them off from any help they might require.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    When someone stands for public office, Les, they expose themselves to public scrutiny for their actions. That's politics.

    I agree, tabloid-style "mud slinging" has no place anywhere, small town or big town. Nor is there any excuse for rude messages on your voice mail, I'm very sorry to hear about that.

    But "smearing a citizen" is not what my article does. It is a string of facts on which I have based valid criticisms. As Andre says below, I would welcome a genuine debate here in which you develop some arguments based on the facts of Greg's conduct.

    Introduce new facts as you will! I know Greg is well loved in many quarters for good work he has done, for example with the Museum and the Heritage Commission. The history of this town is a great passion for Greg.

    If there is any mud on Greg's face, however, it's not anything I threw. It's because he has chosen to play in the dirt and I just pointed it out: Greg, you might want to go to the mirror, you've got some arena scandal in your hair and a terrible contract for a CAO behind your ear.

    When Greg learned about the Jason Ward scandal, he chose to keep it under wraps for months until we finally aired the case on the Telegraph, as you recall.

    When Victor chose to resign—a CAO with whom many in Rossland, by that time, had serious and legitimate reservations—that was also kept under wraps as they went quietly looking for a successor. Greg was at the helm as council chose to not have a public job competition for the new CAO, but instead hire one of Victor's friends. It was the only job interview I ever heard about, but I cannot be certain because it was all in camera.

    And yes, they gave her a jewel-encrusted contract, metaphorically. Certainly as hard as diamonds... 

    And Les, I sat in chambers many times when Greg went bright red and barked, growled, and huffed his indignation into debates, cutting people off when he didn't like what he was hearing and on and on. It's just not seemly conduct for the chair of a city council, let alone to engender healthy debate. It's not leadership.

    That's not mud slung but a song sung. Because I was one of very few spectators to most incidences, the others being councillors, people need to hear my tune. That's civic duty.

    I can appreciate that Greg has put years towards his role on council, and he has done commendable things in that time. But he has made some terrible errors as well, and has often shown himself not up to the job.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    'personal attacks for personal gains'. That's a really terrible accusation, Les--and one that, frankly, I could possibly sue you over if I was that sort of person. Or I could take your comments down if I wasn't dedicated to the idea of full and frank discussions--even if the discussion is distasteful to me.

    As editor of this paper I don't publish personal attacks. Mr. Bennett's piece is a criticism, not an attack. And it's open to rebuttal if anyone of you oh-so-noble 'outraged' people would bother to offer up a rational response.

    And as for 'personal gain', you have nothing to base that accusation on. It's a personal attack against me that implies that I use the press dishonestly to further my own goals--goals that you are fabricating or imagining.

    An apology would be nice.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    John, I really appreciate the clarity of your comment here.

    Yes, the fundamental problem we face is the clash between a community that expects city workings to be much more open for public participation and observation (as it should be), and the prevailing culture of Greg, Victor, and others who would prefer to (and do) work behind closed doors.

    As you describe very well, when "mum's the word", it's only natural that the rest of us should wonder what the heck is going on over there in City Hall. Even if nothing untoward is happening, silence invites suspicion.

    It's very interesting that the tactics I've described were, apparently, more acceptable to an older school of politics. If the old school rules were "close the door and do what the big man bellows," the new school is very much the opposite.

    And yes, the internet brings enormous possibilities to engage the public in our democratic institutions and allow citizens' opinions to directly inform the debate in council chambers...that is, if council's ears are open. The policy of silence towards the Telegraph by certain councillors and Greg in the last term was one of many manifestations of the "old school."

    Finally, you did read my motives correctly. I took a strong tone and used straight language not only to match the core topic, but I also hoped this article would spark genuine interest in the upcoming election. Thumbs up or down, I'm very happy that it has.

    Every concerned Rosslander should understand our most important community challenge in the next month, regardless of who is elected, is this: Get out the vote on November 15!

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    From the messages left on my answering machine it appears that Kathy Moore has some very emotionally strong supporters or campaign workers. It would have been nice if the more sarcastic callers would have had the decency to at least leave a name. Every one of my posts are clearly identified with my name and I will stand behind or stand to support my comments. As I have said before on the Telegraph's comment section, I will not reply to a comment that does not have an identifiable name attached. With that being said, I will attend the all candidates meeting at the Miners Hall in Nov.

    First off, let me make a comment that I am not an enemy of Kathy Moore nor do I dislike her. I would be willing to invite her into my family's home for a cup of tea or coffee at anytime. What I found disturbing however is the smearing of one candidate who Kathy has locked horns with before. In truth, this war started long before the start of this municipal election campaign started. My question again is, when these two sit across from each other, can a workable council be realized. After the outright public smearing I think I can safely say that our new council will not be close knit group who will work for the betterment of our city as a team. Both sides have their supporters and both sides will be sitting in the council chambers with harsh memories of what had been said about them publicly.

    As I stated before and will stand behind my comment,dirty, dirt slinging politics has no place in a small community election like the one coming up in Rossland. Those who are elected to serve this city are belittled enough by our local press without personal attacks for personal gains. This latest round of disgraceful conduct will only serve to push voters away and will do nothing to put anyone in the favourable eyes of the voters. A terrible mistake has been made and I don't think it can be rectified.

    I'll be back in our Mountain Kingdom on Tuesday evening to answer our home telephone in person, so those of you who want to rip me a new body part please feel free to do so Les Anderson

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Hi John,

    I am too often flattered by the mistake, but Andrew Zwicker (who was the Rossland Telegraph reporter before me) is very much his own person, one I admire for his many talents and interests, and for his vision.

    I added my name to the ballot too hastily in 2011. I thought I could continue to report on non-political events, but it was a bone-headed move. For a paper such as the Telegraph that is primarily committed to establishing open community dialogue to foster a healthy democracy, a seat on council is clearly an untenable conflict of interest.

    After long thought, and as Adrian said below, I decided to eat my hat. I felt I could effect important change as a reporter (perhaps moreso than as a councillor) by keeping the citizens of Rossland informed about the main events in City Hall.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Andrew Bennett considered taking on the thankless task of concillor but instead opted for the...thankless task...of reporting on council.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I think I have the Andrews mixed up too. Sorry about that!

    Just curious, which Andrew was going to run for council in 2011 but then chose not to?

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I'm afraid I have no respect for what you write here, Ms. Blomme. It's nice, I suppose, that you're finally speaking out in public, even if a couple of weeks before the end of your tenure on council, and even though the phrasing of your 'statement' seems designed to thwart hopes of a dialogue. You and some other elected officials at City Hall seemed to take your somewhat shaky mandate (almost everybody who runs gets elected!) as carte blanche to make decisions in chambers while maintaining public silence. You, along with the majority of council, circled your wagons and kept mum when the Jason Ward Affair shook public confidence in City Hall two years ago.

    Despite calling for 'positivity' and 'uplifting'ness (without even attempting to address the issues Mr. Bennett raises), you appear to be one of those people who see all criticism as personal attack, which means that you don't feel obliged to address the criticism and instead go after the criticizer. You feel that Greg is a good guy, therefore anyone who criticizes him is a bad guy. That's a terrible trait for an elected official and pretty close to the critique Mr. Bennett makes of Mayor Granstrom himself.

    Consequently, I can't help but think that it's a good thing you've decided not to stand for re-election. Thanks, at least, for that service to our community. I can't help but think, however, if you and the mayor and the other councillors had participated in open debate all along, none of us would be having this difficult conversation on such a fine fall weekend.

    No matter what Les Anderson says, I don't care who gets elected this time so long as they're all capable and willing communicators who feel a responsibility to interact with the public whose will they're supposed to try to represent.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I think the problem you're having in understanding our decision to publish Mr. Bennett's piece is that you think it's news, which is supposed to be objective. But it's not news, it's comment.

    Newspapers are supposed to provide a forum for differing views. Again, if someone wants to challenge Mr. Bennett's facts, write a piece and I'll publish it. But you haven't and nobody else has, despite my repeated requests.

    If someone kicks a cat and someone else accuses them of being a cat kicker--that's not a smear, it's a simple fact. It's only a smear if the cat didn't get kicked.--ed.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    So few words can quickly stimulate a debate among voters. Andrew’s letter has facilitated this debate. Maybe not the result Andrew was requesting at the end of his letter.  Think of it another way. This campaigning period, now only every 4 years, might be the only time some will ever hear or read a personal opinion from an elected official. I think this debate, of sorts, is a good thing. It is unfortunate that only one candidate is primary subject for this discussion. Other candidates need to open up. I applaud Kathy’s and Andrew’s attempts to use the internet, entirely different methods used by each, to collect voter ideas and opinions.

    I’d like to share my opinion in this debate, for what it’s worth, on Greg being a candidate for a councillor. To begin, I believe his general approaches to decisions are made with keeping Rossland’s best interests in mind. However, city policies and public opaqueness have been his chosen method used for making these decisions. This could be a result of 2 reasons. The first being his experienced career in the public works sector making decisions in a local governance structure with virtually no policies, no accountability and using a lot of closed door meetings. This first reason will be difficult, but not impossible, to change. The second reason is that the previous CAO, Mr. Kumar, shared the same approach to public transparency. Having so many closed door meetings is not the way to keep the public informed. This leads to further separation and distrust of city hall and also motivates more rumours and second guessing of the decisions coming from city hall.

    Recent history in Rossland has revealed those who choose to use an old school style, now known as ‘bullying’, for making decisions at city hall do not last long, unless they are acclaimed. The Rossland voice heard by the public, which might not be Greg’s best characteristic, needs to come from a strong and open minded mayor and CAO.

    The enormous benefit of the internet connecting new and experienced voters with city hall is not used to its potential. The internet may motivate people to become more interested and informed about how and who makes decisions at city hall. Compulsory voting has been viewed as a motivation to become more informed, but this is another topic for discussion. Cheers.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I am glad to see so much dialogue arise from my opinion piece here.

    I'd like to address a number of points people have raised:


    First, as Shelley clarified, I am not running for council. Although I am frequently flattered by the mistaken identity, I am not Andrew Zwicker, the pow-shredding entrepreneurial family man, husband to the multi-talented Kelly McLean and father to tenacious tike Zachary. Andrew Zwicker is a light-hearted man, full of laughter, but also with a serious head for big ideas and pioneering vision—and the drive to make things happen.

    Nor am I working as a journalist any more. This is an opinion piece I submitted as a citizen, for free, to give the 99% of Rosslanders who don't attend council meetings my perspective on the Greg I saw in the chamber. Certainly, it is not the same Greg as people meet at BBQs or on the golf course, or in a top hat turning on Christmas lights and driving red fire trucks.

    I composed this piece on the basis of three years covering almost every council meeting, a stint I ended more than a year and a half ago to pursue my dream of full time ecological farming.

    In that three years, I daresay my attendance was better than every member of council in that time. The few meetings I missed, I sat through on audio tape. For every meeting I relistened to the important debates as I transcribed great portions of them word for word. I observed carefully, and kept closely abreast of the major issues.

    All this to say, I couldn't agree with you more: "Greg's record stands for itself." And that is exactly what I based my comments on.

    This is not "smearing of a citizen" as Les would call it. I clearly identified a subset of the major mistakes Greg made in office, and then I explained how his frequent inability to contain his anger has interfered substantially with his ability to lead.

    We are not all leaders. Very few of us have the combination of characteristics that make for good leaders, truth be told. But when someone runs for office, whether mayor or councillor, then it is our democratic duty to openly and clearly assess the candidates on the basis of leadership (among other characteristics.)

    Election season is a public job interview.

    Consider my comment piece like a phone call to a reference before you make a hire, a call to someone who spent years carefully watching the "dysfunction" in council and asking himself why? Why has this council made so many mistakes?

    It became clear to me when I watched Greg's outbursts and impatient blustering that he habitually derails important conversations, a habit that resulted in rushed, arguably improper, decisions.

    Most of us have big hearts and make great friends, but very few of us make great leaders.

    As with a call to a reference, feel free to take it or leave it.

    But now, only two days after publication, this piece has received more than 3300 hits and been shared by 37 people on Facebook, stats that are stratopheric for this small-town paper. This shows that I've hit a nerve, a topic that has been simmering under the surface waiting to be exposed.

    Many people who have presented to council have been treated cordially by Greg and had their petitions and proposals well-received. Many others have been treated as if they were unworthy by Greg, dismissed and belittled. I've seen it. I suspect the break-down of thumbs-up and thumbs-down falls on these lines!

    My point here is not to say that Greg is a bad person—clearly, his many friends in town will attest to his big heart.

    But do not classify my piece here as slanderous castigation. It is a clear-headed reflection, years in the making, on a series of poor decisions and a long history of anger management problems that make Greg—in my opinion—best unelected.


    Where to start? Because you are not running for office, I'll keep it to two points:

    1) I'd suggest that both Adrian and Andre have hit the nail on the head. This piece is intended to spark a discussion with a series of facts and observations wrapped in the narrative of my opinion.

    I gave nine clear reasons to not vote for Greg. The most effective way to diffuse my reasons is to address them one at a time and show where they have led people astray. Failing that, my argument will continue to stand.

    2) You sure do love the old line, a Kathy Wallace favourite, about "Truth and the Telegraph" and "...that's why I stopped reading the Telegraph years ago."

    Actually, it seems to me you never read it in the first place.

    Do you remember years ago when you were first on council and accused me of non-factual journalism? I sure do. I immediately saw in your comments that you hadn't actually read anything that I'd written! You had based your opinion on other people's opinions. 

    So I sent you an email with links to the major stories I'd written, asking you to read them and address my articles directly? Which facts were actually fiction? What interpretation was wrong?

    Instead of that, you replied with more arm-waving generalities about slander and poor journalism. You never did identify a fact out of place.

    And so, perhaps you remember when we met after one of the first Broadband Internet meetings at the old Chamber of Commerce building. We had a good ol' discussion at the front desk, as you recall. And in that discussion I challenged you directly, "Have you read any of my articles?"

    You replied, "No, but I don't need to. You're so obviously biased."

    OMG, Jody, and LOL.


    If what I saw in council wasn't yelling, then the real deal must have been ferocious.

    The incidences I recall were emotionally charged with palpable anger and sounded as loud as yelling to my ears. The anger had a significant and undue influence on the proceedings, much as Sue points out in her comment below from last Tuesday's meeting, (which I did not attend so cannot confirm.)

    Also, $6 million was budgeted for Col-Wash, but what was the final number anyway? I thought with certain over-runs and engineering fees it went higher? In any case, apologies for the wrong number! But the point was that the number remained elusive despite many requests, and if it did come to light it was long after I'd left the city beat to "greener pastures."


    Please address my argument. I'd be very interested to hear the breakdown on the points I've argued.

    Which of the nine points I raised are false or baseless? Lots of evidence supports each assertion, but if you know something that will change the interpretation of events, by all means let us know.

    I'm afraid that for all the discomfort my argument seems to hold for you, until someone like you or Jody comes along with some fresh evidence that blows mine out of the water, my argument will still stand.

    As for supporting one candidate or another, I certainly do support Kathy for the tireless, dedicated, and detailed effort she has put towards the betterment of this city. I've seen her particpate in and run several valuable volunteer groups besides her work with the city, and I've always been impressed by her calm and balanced leadership, and her knack at including many voices in a wide-ranging discussion, but still being able to bring it back to concrete actions at the end of the day.

    That said, I very much like Jill and think she would also be a good mayor. Jill has many years of service to her credit, and I've always found that Jill, more than anyone, is able to continually reassess the facts of an argument to come to what she sees as the best solution. As a full-time teacher I do wonder where she will find the additional time required of a mayor, but I have seen Jill to be very high-energy, committed, and resourceful, so I'm sure she will handle it all.

    This article is much less about the mayoral candidates, both of whom deserve their supporters, in my opinion.

    This article is about the failure of leadership of our sitting mayor, a mayor whose record includes massive (and excessive) pay hikes for city staff and epic mishandling of a major corruption scandal, among other noteable problems.

    The article is also about how the mayor has used his anger, rather than his reason, to move debates "forward," a tactic I've seen time and again.

    To conclude:

    Thank you all for taking the time to weigh in on my opinions. I look forward to much more debate as the election draws closer. This is our chance to participate in the shape of Rossland to come...

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    So if Andrew's piece above, and past articles in the Telegraph are not accurate representations of the truth, then what is the truth? I, as a voter would like to know, so I can make informed decisions come election time. And we have a right to know, as many past actions mentioned above have affected our community in many ways, not the least of which, is financially. I understand that there is a fear of litigation on some of these issues, but surely there can be better communication with the people who pay for all of this?

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago
    Hi Tammy, Just a quick note of clarification. It was Andrew Bennett who wrote the article and it is I Andrew Zwicker that is running for council. You're not the first to make the confusion though. It used to be Adrian and I that were confused as the same person either Adrian Zwicker or Andrew Barnes. Then when I left my post as Telegraph co-founder and co-owner and handed the writing portion of the job over to Andrew Bennett it made things even more confusing. ;) Rest assured that relationship building and collaboration with others is one of my core principles. Looking at the excellent field of candidates this year we're sure to get a great working team out of it on the new council. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with all of the candidates.
  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Les, to clear the air about Bennett's nine points, why not provide readers with one-word answers to his nine points? They are numbered, it should be easy and not require research. Simply state your position thus:

    Allegation #1 - fact/innuendo

    Allegation #2 - fact/innuendo


    Doing so would help bring the debate to the specifics of each individual allegation made by Bennett. In terms of the election, this would be far more useful than debating Bennett's or the paper's motives, character, personality, or taste.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Two comments stand out in your response, Les:

    "It was at that meeting that more than one question and answer came to light that told me that the council at that time, through just plain lack of experience, did not know the procedures of letting and awarding bid contracts."


    "What role Victor Kumar played in all of this is something I cannot comment on."

    These two statements raise the question about the infamous Delegation Bylaw. How does a council, with experienced members in the ranks (the bylaw was adopted in January 2010), adopt such a bylaw?

    If you have read this bylaw, with your first hand knowledge of the procedures at work, you need not ask role Victor Kumar played. You know that he played the role delegated to him by council.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    A little background checking tells me a completely different story.  I am a habitual record keeper and have more that one piece of firm evidence where all this is coming from and how the chain is swinging.  Past comments to the editor bare some interesting comments long before this election time.

    As previously mentioned, it was smearing and dispariging words of a citizen of our city was carried out and delivered to the public.  We do not need this type of dirty mud slinging in any type of campaign in this city.

    I am out of town right now and could not answer our telephone; however, my messaging machine has some very interesting comments fro several people. 


  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Kathy, let me clarify something before my connection with Greg Granstrom is taken the wrong way.  I cannot and do not call him "a friend" as you state.  I have spoken with him, I can only guess at this, maybe ten to fifteen times since he has become mayor.  

    The first time I spoke with Greg was when the Jason Ward affair came to the public's attention.  I was the one who contacted him to see if he would be willing to face the citizen's of Rossland to answer their questions about what happened.  He did not hesitate to agree to a public meeting on the matter.  I was the one who arranged the town hall meeting at the seniors centre.  

    It was at that meeting that more than one question and answer came to light that told me that the council at that time, through just plain lack of experience, did not know the procedures of letting and awarding bid contracts.  Namely, a compendency audit of the short listed bidders. I say this because I owned a business that bid on contracts and know first hand how the screening procedures work.  You were on that coucil so you also missed the protocal of screening bidders.  What role Victor Kumar played in all of this is something I cannot comment on.

    I spoke with Greg a few times after that initial meeting about Jason Ward plus a few casual meetings as we passed on the street.  I would hardly call that a close friendship.

    My beef here Kathy is the absoluley uncalled for public smearing of a citizen of our city.  Even in high level politics, I have never come across such dispariging public smearing of an opposition candidate.  For the life of me, I cannot see how this will ever be swept under the table after the newly elected council is sworn in.  I have a very deep concern that a serious, nonworkable split will occure at city hall and a dysfunctional council will be attempting to administer our city.

    Les Anderson

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Les, you say that you will now campaign against a certain candidate because of this opinion piece. The piece was not written by the candidate — it was written by a former employee of the Telegraph, as his own opinion piece. It's not even necessarily the opinion of the Telegraph itself.

    Newspapers publish opinion pieces and columns all the time, and they also often endorse candidates in an election, via an editorial written by the editor in chief on the editorial page.

    To not support a local candidate because an opinion piece you disagree with was written by local media would be no different from not supporting Justin Trudeau because Andrew Coyne sided with him in the National Post and against Stephen Harper.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Hi Shelley:


    Well, it is important that I continue to pay attention to details.  Thank you for the clarification and I am very glad that Andrew Zwicker is running for council.




  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Hi Tammy - Andrew Bennett wrote this opinion piece. He used to write for the Telegraph and attended and reported on council meetings for three years, I think. It's Andrew Zwicker who is running for council, who works for KAST, not Andrew Bennett. Andrew Bennett is not running for council, at least not this election.

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    I read Andrew's letter regarding Greg Granstrom and I have to say that it left a very bad taste in my mouth.  Such public castigation of one of our fellow citizens is in bad taste and I was shocked at the tone content of Andrew's comments.

    Mr. Granstom's record stands for itself.

    I have always appreciated Andrew's unique perspectives and ways of seeing the world.  I was pretty certain that Andrew would have my vote, however this has given me pause for thought as I am not sure that I could vote for someone who would treat another person in such a way.

    I thought we were trying to get away from such dysfunction on our city council? 

    Tammy McLean

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Jody- I followed proper procedure by first bringing the arena issues up to Greg when I found out about it (Nov 2011 right before the election). He did not want to hold an in camera at that time with the outgoing council. You were brand new to council so perhaps you do not recall that I tried to bring the arena irregularities up in an in camera meeting and was shut down. What you may not be aware of was that I had spoken to Greg about it before, again requesting an in camera. The matter was added to a January meeting. It was added to the agenda, not on the agenda. I did not know we were going to be discussing until that night. I also went to the CAO and got no support.

    The letter to which you refer was not public, it was to our municipal auditor. I wrote it because I was concerned about an issue that no one else seemed interested in pursuing- most likely because Council did not get the opportunity to hear what my concerns were.



  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    It is absolutely unacceptable to treat someone in our community like this; to write such a disparaging and inaccurate article. Someone who has devoted so much of their time, energy, effort, of their own life and their family’s into a community should not have to endure this kind of personal attack. NO member of ANY community should have to endure this kind of treatment. Ever.

    The very thought that these opinions are even remotely perceived as publishable online on a public ‘community’ forum is horrendous and about as dysfunctional for community as anything could ever be, and with much farther- reaching effects than the author can apparently conceptualise. 

    The discrepancy between Truth and Telegraph was continually so atrocious I quit reading years ago; I could never possibly have the time to write enough comments to correct the manipulative and fallacious story telling that could so often be read in this blog on council and CoR related matters.  I had to stop reading to curb the temptation to try.

    I have first-hand experience working with both Kathy and Greg and I am appalled at the fictional-story-like presentation of the elements of the article above.  I trust that most people reading it would not be so gullible as to believe it, but it saddens and frustrates me to see the attempt being made to bring such misinformation into our community.  Kathy and Greg were equally each one of seven votes in charge when the arena events occurred, and afterward, Greg had the guts and sense of responsibility to ‘wear it’ and Kathy didn’t. Kathy did NOT bring this information to the current council, new at the time (myself being one of them); the new Council members learned about it when she wrote a public letter, dealing with it in such a way that ultimately gave this past employee grounds to sue the City of Rossland.  She could have chosen to write a letter to Council instead, and we could have dealt with things much more efficiently, effectively, even severely, and in such a way as not to leave the CoR vulnerable to legal action. She chose the route of a parade queen instead. 

    If everyone had the guts, commitment and sense of responsibility to run for Council or Mayor of Rossland this month, daring to put oneself through the gossip ringer along with this blog and every disparaging pseudo-intellectual dinner party conversation disguised as political banter, articles such as the one above would never be written…

    I am certain the author will follow up with some kind of retort, and then he will follow that up with a somewhat more abusive email again, but it’s worth it. I am writing this one comment to stand up for a committed, hard-working member of our community and to let anyone who happens across this article online to see that not everyone in Rossland believes that this level of bullying and meanness exemplified in the article above is acceptable behaviour. 

    Community effort deserves encouragement and support.  Most Rosslanders actually appreciate active members of the community and it is so unfortunate that discouraging words such as those on the article above are being strung together to work against that.  All Rosslanders are creative, active people with uplifting life stories and productive insight and I'm so tired of reading and hearing innaccurate gossip and disparaging comments instead. 

  • COMMENT: 9 reasons not to vote for Greg Granstrom this fall   1 year 16 weeks ago

    Wow! This is quite the lively discussion! First off, I agree with Andre: Greg definitely has the right to run and the voters of Rossland have the right to choose him or reject him. I was very happy to be running against him for Mayor because I felt the citizens would have a clear choice of the type of leadership they wanted for our town. Greg is as dedicated to this community as I am. He has put in years of service. This term he attended 93% if the meetings, I attended 92% (and for those who are interested: I attended by phone for 4 of those meetings)

    If I am elected Mayor and Greg is elected to council I will work with him, as I will work with anyone elected. Our 6 year history will make it more of a challenge but I'm up for challenges. It is rather unconventional that a sitting Mayor, who clearly loves the position, would first indicate he was running to hold onto the seat, then switch with another ally, the perhaps more electable Councllor Spearn, but he did not break any rules by doing so. 

    I appreciate Les' loyalty to Greg- friendship is a good and powerful thing. It's important to note that while Les has attended a few council meetings, Andrew attended hundreds and is entitled to express his observations. I agree with Adrian's first suggestion to Les: Write a response, based on fact, that addresses Andrew's comments. The Telegraph will certainly publish it. Les, I know that you will not vote for me and that is fine- I am glad you have a candidate that you support. I only ask that you please remember, the truth might not be pretty but it is never a smear.

    As I read Andrew's piece I saw a few inaccuracies too. But they were in the details, not the substance: The Col/Wash project was estimated originally at $6m not $9m. I did not submit any Freedom of Information requests, and there are ongoing legal disputes about the actual loss to the City on the arena project and the former building inspector's role in it. As for yelling- yes, Greg has yelled at me, in the presence of staff and councillors but not in public council meetings that I can recall. I will not dispute the characterization of bullying. However, in all fairness, there were plenty of meetings that were pleasant enough. Those are the inaccuracies that come to mind. 

    I want to be perfectly clear, regardless of who is elected this term, Council will be different and better, of that I have no doubt. I can envision a healthy atmosphere where open, spirited and respectful discussions occur. It is not that far out of reach. The dedicated citizens who put their names forward ALL have something to offer. I trust the wisdom of the voters to choose who will best represent their values and goals.

    Please go to or my FB page: Kathy Moore for Mayor to learn more about me and my ideas for the next term. And PLEASE vote.