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  • LETTER: Who’s Paying Attention to the WHO?   27 weeks 3 days ago

    Well I guess if Taser International can make up medical conditions to suit their purposes (Excited Delirium) then anyone can do the same, like 'low-level tasering'.

    But let's be clear: both of these terms are made up to try and make a point.

    While it is true that the IARC is part of WHO and is tasked with conducting and coordinating research on Cancer it is also worth noting that IARC is a political entity as well..

    The British Medical Journal the Lancet Oncology has opined in an editorial, that IARC's reputation is being eroded by the political fighting and secrecy.

    After all the research and studies are done, IARC's classification, the 'Group' designation, is achieved through a vote just like other political decisions.

    Unfortunately organizations within the U.N. have histories of being co-opted by 'sides' and, just like all political entities, political wrangling causes the 'official' stances on issues to change with the political winds.

    I'm not saying that scientists are not involved, that scientific research is not done, but that some of that research is in aid of agendas and the final decisions are 'voted on'.

    Heck I'm not denying that EMFs will interact with the material we are made of.

    And obviously not all of those interactions will be beneficial.

    BUT until we know what is actually happening and under what conditions and why not at other times and under other conditions - are we supposed to just put a halt to everything related to wireless communications?

    Many seem to get issue-related-amnesia when it comes to the thing that stokes their fears and passions.

    What about the effects of plastics in our environment? Increasing amounts of steroids and bio-medical substances in the water? nth-generational effects of environmental stressors on your parents and grandparents? Elevated levels of background radiation from 2000 nuclear tests?

    Back at the end of the 70s the EPA (in the USA) identified dozens of 'Superfund' sites. Places that were so contaminated they would require huge amounts of money to clean up.

    They also recognized that there were thousands of 'ticking timebombs' all over the nation. Places where nasty pollutants had been stored in containers doomed to fail after a while. And many of them are the results of 'midnight dumpers' so no one knows what was dumped, where, and when, in a lot of cases.

    When large studies are done to see the effects of something on the human body it is really difficult to account for all the possible sources that might also be contributing to the results.

    And people / groups doing studies to 'look for something' or 'prove a point' are in very grave danger of not doing science at all. That goes for those who think they are fighting the good fight as well as those who are paid by industry.

    Health Canada is, ultimately, a child of political process that must try and find the truth and balance the pleas of disparate forces that may show evidence of 'mutually exclusive truths'.

    I do not envy their position but I do suggest that until the guidelines are changed we should not be trying to make our local government behave as if the changes we wish to see had come to pass. Just as I do not wish to see our health care dollars wasted on treatments and procedures with no basis in medical fact. It ticks me off that we cannot have babies in our hospital anymore but somewhere in this province somebody's getting medical support to pay for 'healing touch' or some other non-proven alternative medical treatment. (I'm sure this won't endear me with many people but where's the science in that?)

    To insist otherwise is to tell those we elected (local govt) to make spending and infrastructure decisions not based on higher authorities but on opinions.

    With all that said … if Health Canada were about to change it’s guidelines and we really knew that then it would be prudent for city planning to pay attention.

  • OP/ED: Water metres -- not that scary   27 weeks 3 days ago

    I heard water referred to as an amenity by the first person to get up and complain to council a few meetings back. He used to be a teacher and should know better but I suspect he was just being 'flexible' with definitions to 'make his point'.

    What is an Amenity?

    It's a 'desirable' thing. Like the Library. The Pool. The Rink. The Skate Park.

    What is an Essential Service?

    Water. Sewer. Electricity. Policing. Fire Fighting. Health Care.

    One BIG difference is that not everyone NEEDS all the amenities BUT everyone NEEDS the essential services.

    When Essential Services are called Amenities someone is either making a sloppy mistake OR being sly.

    The effect on the casual (or passionate) reader / listener is to fall into a fallacious argument and believe it is truth.

    If it, water, was an amenity then every new house would have to pay for every single meter of water line going from the street to the vicinity of their house AND the labour costs involed in doing that. Or not. You could construct houses that have no water hookups.

    Obviously that is not allowed. And you don't foot the complete bill alone. Everyone knows that would be stupid AND wrong.

    So why is correct to cast an essential service as an amenity just to 'win an argument'? Is that also not wrong?

    And when I am presented with that argument by someone I have to wonder if they think I'm that stupid ... and then I feel just a bit insulted. Or I wonder if they're that stupid ... and then what they're trying to tell me gets filtered because if they made a mistake with that then what else is wrong with what they are telling me?


  • Relief From Those Annoying Aches and Pains   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Again Leperman you are right on point.

    Again, I am continuously shocked that people buy into this stuff. And you're right, there apparently is a lot of gullible people who want to believe in something. No different really than the religious, who in blind faith will believe, contrary to all the evidence before them, that the world is flat, that the world is 6000 or so years old, that evolution is not happening. They aren't much different than those who will just believe whatever someone tells them about their health. They even defend it with the same amount of vigor.

    Contrary to all evidence and science, the naturopaths, homeopaths and some chiropractors will just continue to sell any kind of alternative way of thinking to those who don't want to buy into modern science and technology. The thing I don't understand though is why most people, nearly everyone, will then turn and come running for our western science and medicine when they actually get sick. They distrust and speak badly about science and medicine when they're healthy and refuse to let their children benefit from it (vaccines), but when something goes awry and someone gets sick, they show up on the taxpayers door asking for help. Too bad you can't opt out of our health care system completely and buy into the alternative world totally, because then the supporters of these quacks would really have to think hard and long about what they believe. No, you can't come to our ER with a heart attack or stroke or cancer, I think your local naturopath would have some vitamins you could buy though!

    I'll say it again, I would have no problem with alternative medicine for people without real health issues, or as an adjunct to real medicine, if they didn't lie and mislead their clients. But it bothers me to see blatantly false information being posted in a news page, and wish they'd clean up their act and be truthful to people.

  • New medical clinic proposed near Kootenay Lake Hospital — IH gives thumbs up   27 weeks 4 days ago

    Of course IHA is applauding this effort. Dr Kirsten, while he means well, is pulling the plays straight from the IHA playbook. Forget about what the patients and community actually needs to make health care better - which is more doctors and nurses, surgery back in our hospital, etc - just make a nice building with sliding automatic doors in the front, new paint, more spacious environment. That way, when the patients come to recieve care, they think that IHA must be trying to improve things - just look around at this new place! Meanwhile, in the guts of the operation, they cut beds, remove services, replace nurses with care aids, and then wonder why GP's are leaving the community? 

    The answer to getting more doctors to work in Nelson is not making new buildings and renovations and parking spots. There were never any of those things before, and there was no problem with doctor shortage in the past. The reason some doctors don't want to live in this great city is because the working environment has taken such a hit with the removal of services and relocation to trail. The medical community has lost their identity and their sense of togetherness that was there when the hospital was full service. Speaking from first-hand accounts of young physicians who have spent some time in Nelson, it is not a good working environment in Nelson for physicians, especially those working in the busy ER with no backup and difficult relationships with the Trail specialists. I personally know one of the doctors who left for those very reasons.

    Although this clinic would make patients feel better about what's happening to their health care in Nelson, it will fail to actually improve the doctor shortage or real problems with the health care model in Nelson that the IHA shoved down our throats. But the fight has been folded - the doctors learned the hard way to stop complaining about what happened, and have all but accepted it now, because of how the IHA treated those doctors who did try to speak out. It's too bad for Nelson.

  • Relief From Those Annoying Aches and Pains   27 weeks 4 days ago

    It is very strange to hear that people are suffering from Vitamin deficiencies here in BC. Because it is simply not true. This is why there have been warnings recently that vitamin supplements may be harmful to your health not just your pocket book. All of the statements here are made up science. There is no role of vitamins in waste removal, There is no role of licorice in rebalancing your adrenals. Taking vitamin C or B vitamins above what is required just get passed in your urine. Vitamin E and antioxidants do not decrease cancer rates or aging. In fact Vitamin E and Carotene have been shown to be harmful above what is required. The body does not become acidic from eating fruit. What a crock.

    Naturopaths. More made up science than there are people on earth.

  • LETTER: Who’s Paying Attention to the WHO?   27 weeks 5 days ago

    I never linked this to the water meters. Good point. Maybe people could oped for an old fashioned type meter. I wonder what else besides turning off the wifi we could do in our homes to protect our kids?

  • REVIEW: Footloose   27 weeks 5 days ago
    Great article!
  • OP/ED: Water metres -- not that scary   27 weeks 5 days ago
    People will never be held accountable and act responsible unless there wallets are being hit. Good for you for standing up and expressing your opinion when it isn't the most popular at the moment.
  • OP/ED: Water metres -- not that scary   27 weeks 6 days ago
    When you look at your water bill the amount actually charged for the water is very small. The main costs are associated with delivery. Everyone is welcome to collect and store as much water as they like as it falls from the sky. (no license required for that yet I think). But I don't think it unreasonable to pay to have the water treated and delivered.
  • OP/ED: Water metres -- not that scary   28 weeks 1 hour ago

    Good points. But I stand by original thoughts. :) 

    I don't think it's fair that people should have unlimited access to this precious resource at the expense of everyone in the community. What has been happening is an abusive use of this service, in my opinion.

    Some of it, is the fault of government laws for requiring us to use clean drinking water for things like flushing our toilets instead of reusing grey water.  But the rest is just laziness, habit and -- dare I say for some -- a sense of entitlement. Washing cars with clean drinking water? Watering the lawn with water that has been purified? Yikes. 

    I think that taxpayers will be even more frustrated when all of their funds go to a massive system overhaul at the expense of other services -- like roads. That will happen if people don't learn to conserve. It's scary at first, but I think most people will be surprised at the end result.

    If you remember things like turning the water off when you aren't using it, filling up the washer and dishwasher before you turn it on, use water conserving toilets/appliances, keep showers as short as possible, definitely set up a rainbarrel system for gardeners, ... those brave souls that are willing to set up a composting toilet will see phenomenal savings.

    The average older style toilet uses something like 3 to 4 gallons of clean drinking water each time it is flushed. Even the best low flow toilets use around 1 to 1.5 gallons per flush. Toiletsuse around 30 per cent of the water usage each day. So at the very least people should be upgrading to low-flow toilets, if not trying other waterless approaches. Or you could follow the "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down approach!" Ha!

    Once you start thinking about how wasteful we really are, it's crazy not to put a limit on the amount of water we use. 

    Many people in our rural communities have spent $20,000+ to dig a well and pay for the infrastructure to bring it to their home, only to have limited levels of water in the hottest months. They have already learned what a precious resource water is and how to conserve. And they pay taxes just like we do.

    Same as many other communities in BC. The smaller Gulf Islands often have a huge water shortage. The residents all have rainbarrels set up for their garden and sometimes for personal use like outside summer showers. They call it a 'lifestyle choice' to live in a beautiful location where they learn to live with nature and (from my experience) are often grateful for the lessons they have learned.

    We can learn to conserve too. It will just be an adjustment. 

    If you liked that video, you'll probably enjoy this one that shows how to set up a DIY drip irrigation system in more detail. A drip system and a heavy mulch will really limit the amount of water used for gardeners. Probably enough that you can use your rainbarrels exclusively for water in the summer ;) That with low-flow toilets and high-efficiency appliances and you'll probably end up saving money. :) And those that are worried about not letting their children play in sprinklers... well, we should be getting a spray park in the next couple of years and there are still lakes, rivers and a swimming pool for water play. 

  • OP/ED: Water metres -- not that scary   28 weeks 13 hours ago


    Thank you for your comments, some good points made, and also for the video clip on the rain barrel.  Very helpful.

    I did want to respond to your comment about water being necesary, and that it should be free.  As you say, water is necessary; it's necessary for life, like food and air.  The issue, as you have also pointed to, is about water delivery.  You say that "no-one is charging you if you have a drink from the river or lake."  That statement, in my opinion, is not very well thought through. 

    As residents of this community, we pay taxes for PUBLIC services, i.e. services that provide the collective community with amenities that we all benefit from and are responsible for carrying the cost of maintaining.  What if I were to say, "I don't have children and have not used the public education system here so please charge those who use the school system and reduce my taxes because I want schooling to be a pay-per-use affair?"  I doubt you'd think that was the right way to run that public service, and you'd be right.  Yet you think that people should either a) have to get their water "free" from the river or lake, or b) be made to pay for the use of something that is a public resource for the residents, businesses and industries who pay taxes here.

    My point is: water has always been free.  It falls from sky to water the ground, then it evaporates back up to come down again as rain (or snow).  Water meters are rationing devices that have nothing to do with water delivery, and everything to do with commodifying water, and that, I fundamentally disagree with.

  • City staff and developer will meet with the public about Nelson Landing   28 weeks 2 days ago

    I have updated the story. Thanks.

  • City staff and developer will meet with the public about Nelson Landing   28 weeks 2 days ago
  • UPDATE: Perry Ridge logging protestors have change of heart   28 weeks 2 days ago

    Nope! You guys cannot stand the fact that other people have a different opinion than you professional protesters.  Get used to it! :)

  • UPDATE: Perry Ridge logging protestors have change of heart   28 weeks 4 days ago

    According to the Supreme Court of Canada (May 2013)

    "The failure by the Aboriginal individuals to legally challenge the issuance of the government authorizations to the logging company in the first instance was fatal to the individuals' ability to later plead defences against the logging company based on a breach of the duty to consult or treaty rights violations. "


  • UPDATE: Perry Ridge logging protestors have change of heart   28 weeks 4 days ago

  • UPDATE: Perry Ridge logging protestors have change of heart   28 weeks 4 days ago

    LOG IT!!! I need wood for my renos!!! CHOP IT DOWN!!

  • LETTER: Rethink water meters   28 weeks 4 days ago

    My question is; are the tree farms and other farms also going to be metered? I see these with water on most of all days and nights even when it is poring rain. Is it fair to meter only residents?

  • UPDATE: Perry Ridge logging protestors have change of heart   28 weeks 5 days ago

    Again the people that in reality own the forest products have lost to the corporation that owns the governments and the courts. Another of the so called democratic countries robbing the citizens of their rights. Why have we allowed the privatisation of all our national resouces??? To make the 1% richer at all cost.

  • RDCK Directors Pursue Conservation Fund   29 weeks 3 days ago

    Conservancy is good. Sould the RDCK be taking this on? No. 

  • Proposed Parks Act amendments could open the door for industrial developments in provincial parks   29 weeks 4 days ago

    The current Provincial Government of BC doesn’t care about anything but filling their own pockets – collecting “campaign donations” (bribes) from corporations. 

    “balance the government’s priorities of economic growth and environmental protection”

    Eliminating the protection of provincial park land, (i.e. allowing commercial activities and development), does not bring things into balance.  The balance is already tilted against environmental protection.  Provincial parks are a very tiny part of BC land, and they were meant to stay pristine forever by the past Provincial Governments who instituted the provincial parks protection laws. 

    This is a small, but blatant chipping away of the little protection the law provides for the environment.  Don’t be under the impression that they intend to stop at this new law.  The rest of the land in BC is already subject to exploitation, but the corporations want it all without restrictions.  And why would the politicians stand in their way if they get rich right along with them!

  • UPDATE: RCMP ask for public assistance in finding a silver pickup truck possibly used in Salmo robbery   29 weeks 5 days ago


  • LETTER: Rethink water meters   29 weeks 5 days ago

    Here's a related poll


  • UPDATE: RCMP ask for public assistance in finding a silver pickup truck possibly used in Salmo robbery   29 weeks 5 days ago

    Nah--I spent your $$ from the get-go!

  • UPDATE: RCMP ask for public assistance in finding a silver pickup truck possibly used in Salmo robbery   29 weeks 5 days ago

    Hope my money is safe!!