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  • My Remembrance Day quandary   22 weeks 2 days ago

    Thank you Keith for a thoughtful letter. I agree with all you say. It is true, there is not a real opportunity for a meaningful conversation about what I am doing there on November 11. There has been no constructive dialogue with people who are reacting against what I am doing. Not so far, anyway. Too much feeling, not reflection, on that day.

    I get why people are angry at me. I do seem to be confrontational, no matter what my good intentions.

    I would never go out with a protest placard at someone's individual personal funeral. Grief should be respected. I do respect it. Loss is pain.

    Nevertheless, I will continue. The one thing that would convince me I ought to stay away from Remembrance Day, or at least not attend with a poster for Peace, is this: when all politicians agree not to make speeches there, I too will not be there. People who fought and lived should have a day to gather and commemorate the ones they loved who did not survive the fighting.

    Clergy and veterans can make comment, but not argument. Not speak a justification for war. Only grief for loss on this Day would be welcome. In that perfect scenario, I have no objection.

    The moment someone thinks it is appropriate to say things about the Why of war, then they will offer opinion and interpretation of history. That is where the objections to the Day begin.

    Remembrance Day is misnamed. It is as much a Forgetting Day. We forget the history, the context, of the start of war. Leaders and rulers make the messes that end in war. The vast majority of people do not make the mess. But they die for the mess made by the ones who call themselves rulers and governors.

    And that is why I bring my messages to the cenotaph. 99% of people there say nothing to me. The 1% are the angry, and the sympathetic, who speak to me. The 99% might, just might, be moved to more thinking about war by my being there, but that is a great unknown.

    Again, Thanks for this Keith.

  • My Remembrance Day quandary   22 weeks 2 days ago

    The solution is simple send the the leaders of these war like countries to fight each other and all wars will cease. They are good at sending our loved ones out to die but would not have the guts to do it themselves!

  • Toronto police bring down international child pornography ring   22 weeks 6 days ago

    The graphic with this story says that 341 arrests had been made, but Sweden updated the TPS before their press conference this morning to say seven more arrests had been made bringing the current total to 348. 

  • Do you have environmental toxic exposure?   23 weeks 1 day ago

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  • Environmental Toxic Exposure-We All Have It, so, What Can We Do About It?   23 weeks 1 day ago

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  • What is a postmodern Mind? Ask Rob Ford   23 weeks 1 day ago

    Hi Charles. I think, at base, the concept of 'leadership' has two roots. One is family. We look up to our parents--whether they're good or bad--when we're little. It's only natural. The other root has to do with the nature of agricultural/industrial society, with the idea of 'surplus' and 'wealth' and 'status'. These concepts make us inclined to look up to others who have 'more', partly out of envy, partly out of admiration. 10 000 years ago tribal elders were replaced by absurdities like 'kings' and 'queens'. Now we have 'prime ministers' and the like.

    As far as the second root goes, the world is changing. Technology is 'flattening' our world in what I hope will be a hugely positive way. Power is more widely available now, thanks to technology, than it ever has been. Consequently, there's no need to idolize or envy the 'rich' or 'great'.

    As for the parenthood root of our propensity to follow the leader, well, we're all kids to begin with, of course, and Rob Ford and Stephen Harper are just workaholic, substance-abusing 'parents'. We don't need to look for better mommies and daddies--we need to grow up and stand on our own two feet.

    What is Justin Bieber Trudeau but the cynical re-packaging of a beloved (by some) Canadian memory of 'better' times, a la the use of 60s pop songs in movies and commercials?

    To be honest, I'm not sure what you mean by 'post modern' in this context, and tend to be leery of abstractions like that by nature, but I will assert that these are the better days. We are beginning to wake up from the dream of 'money' in its broadest sense--the dream of 'fame' and unearned comfort, a fantasy where others take care of us. Instead, why can't we all just be people together? This is the promise of social media and the Internet. Or at least I hope so!

  • More Screw-ups at City Hall   23 weeks 3 days ago

    Everyone working for a small city or a business must wear multiple hats to effectively perform their diverse job responsibilities. They each have a specialty, but the hats must be regularly shared. More importantly, sharing builds an effective and respectful working team making the next task that much easier and better. Dedicated professionals aren’t cheap. They are typically only used for specific components of projects as required, like Rossland’s downtown project. Labelling an effective city representative as not qualified for a task is an insulting and selfish remark.

    There are always going to be debates at city hall. If your decision doesn’t become the team’s decision, you must be respectful of the decision made and move on.  As a resident and taxpayer, the increasing level of disrespect coming from Rossland city hall over the last few years is very disturbing. Examples include; politicians’ stalemates, questionable salaries, and dismissals tainted with corruption and vengeance, and even scathing letters from city representatives. The disrespect is abundant and needs to end. This might even be the time for some professional advice on learning about positive communication, co-operation and respect. If you don’t show respect, you’re certainly not going to see co-operation.

    Compare the disrespect at city hall to kids creating a large snowball in the city park. It starts small, gets larger and larger; meanwhile, it starts rolling out of control and crashes through the fence. Then everyone runs and hides from responsibility. The responsibility continues to get hidden and costs of the repairs come at the taxpayers’ expense.

    Elected officials, staff, employees as well as volunteers and taxpayers must all work together or the damages will continue. The long term costs will be compounded if there isn’t a change in attitude. The change needs to come from the city manager in order to build a respected team at city hall. The decisions are so much easier to make and generate much more support when simple directions for long term co-operation and respect are followed.

    A former councillor claims there is now more chaos at city hall. Just remember, the snowball might have been created during his elected term. Very few positive comments were made about the city or staff. Watch out, that continuous negative attitude just might be a reflection in the mirror.

  • Five Mile Beach: Floating dock a good solution says dock designer, but residents say 'no'   23 weeks 3 days ago

    The sandy point is created and maintained by a back eddy upstream flow

    Putting this walkway and dock almost 200 feet out in front of this sandpoint will certainly change it and it might disappear in time, taking all the sand

    to this wharf , certainly it will have a big impact in time, don't fool with mother nature by putting this huge obstruction in the way of natural flow..

  • LETTER: Over-the-top random act of kindness renews reader's faith in people   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Everyone benefits from a good deed.... the giver... the receiver... the observer... and in this case the reader!

  • More Screw-ups at City Hall   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Is it fact that Maturo is asking for severance compensation?

    If yes, it's most likely precooked paid holidays, organized by the "little friends club" over at the city. I say this because they did know for a long time that one of the 2 planners had to go.

    Same shit different bowl that goes down in every city.

  • Five Mile Beach: Floating dock a good solution says dock designer, but residents say 'no'   23 weeks 5 days ago

    We have a aircraft carrier?? When did this happen?

  • COMMENT: ‘Leaders’ and why we’re so beyond that--or should be. Part One of Two.   23 weeks 5 days ago

    Anybody interested in issues of media and governance might like to check out this site. The two videos on this page make the case that technology is offering us new and better ways to organize our information-sharing/decision-making processes--ie, politics and media.

  • Five Mile Beach: Floating dock a good solution says dock designer, but residents say 'no'   23 weeks 5 days ago

    It's time to stop pussyfooting around and be very clear as to how the beautiful natural beaches on Kootenay Lake deserve to be treated.


    Once they are gone, they are gone.

    This application needs to be stopped now and permanently as it will scar the esthetic beauty of the beach forever.

    They owners are asking for a float  just under the size of Canada's aircraft carrier. 

    The next  version will be to refloat the Jones Fiasco,also known as the lost Kootenay treasure- MV  Anscomb,  and float it by the beach  as a combination guest house and marina.  All paid for by your tax dollars.

    Keep our beaches natural and safe for all to enjoy.                                    

  • IH announces more closures to Victorian Community Health Centre Emergency Department   23 weeks 6 days ago

    VP of Community Integration?

    Do they change the names of their administrative functions on a monthly basis? lol. We seem to always get the President of Community Obfuscation anyway.

    Why is it that we are paying more than ever and yet getting less than ever for our health care dollars?

    Bring back the volunteer boards and all the beds that were in the system before the IHA was created and promptly cut half the beds in BC, while still managing to cost us more each and every year.

    The corporate, health authority model is an abysmal failure. Follow Alberta's lead and get rid of them.

  • SD 51 to get new buses   24 weeks 1 day ago

    Surprisingly, they won't! They are actually considered to be safer without

  • SD 51 to get new buses   24 weeks 1 day ago
    I sure hope they have seat belts now!
  • Trail to get big $ assist from province and ICBC   24 weeks 4 days ago


    I realize road construction is a fact of life, but couldn't they have found some competent flag people to direct traffic? It's bad enough they don't seem to do a good job on the best of days, but then on Saturday someone made the probably well intentioned mistake of providing them all with an extra large cup of coffee to deal with the cold wet weather. That left them exactly no free hand to direct traffic, and not a single one of them seemed to realize this.

  • Trail to get big $ assist from province and ICBC   24 weeks 4 days ago


    ICBC only paid a tiny tiny fraction of the project cost, and I'm sure they only provided funding for some safety improvements.

  • Trail to get big $ assist from province and ICBC   24 weeks 4 days ago

    Wait a minute here, ICBC is a motor vehicle specific insurance company. Why are our premiums being used for a downtown revitalization project in Trail? Seems like something Tech-Cominco should be doing.

  • Harvesting the First Fuel   24 weeks 4 days ago


    I think there is more at stake than calculating investment payback at current energy rates. There is a lot of value in reducing GHG emissions, since continued unrestrained use of fossil fuels will have enormous economic and social costs that will be borne by the future generation.  That's not to say that energy conservation doesn't offer more bang for the buck than PV systems. But on the subject of payback studies on distributed PV arrays, I don't think those studies take into account how distributed power generation reduces the required load capacity of the elecrical grid, thereby reducing infrastructure costs in the future. Distributed micro-generation also reduces power transmission losses which are tipically upwards of 25%. Again, these are not usually accounted for in payback studies which look at the economics strictly from the point of view of the purchaser of such systems. In locales where the power generation is state owned, this does add value to state incentives.


  • IBEW Local 213 decides not to ratify tentative deal with Fortis BC, lockout continues   24 weeks 6 days ago

    Fortis is blaming the workers  when Fortis has locked the workers out???        Is is waaaaayyyy overdue for Fortis to show some level of corporate responsibility to the communities they make their  millions from.  First, get these people  back on the  job immediately. Winter is here and Fortis is not prepared for the bad weather that is coming. THERE HAS BEEN NO MAINTENANCE FOR FOUR MONTHS!!!!!

    Areyou dependent on electricity for heat? BE PREPARED to sit in the cold  for days.

    Are you on the grid and using Fortis power?  THEN GET UPSET because you will be sitting in the dark   for who knows how long at the first problem. 

    This is the height of utility corporate stupidity. We all need power. Fortis is playing with our health  and safety.

    Call them now 1-866-436-7847 (24 hours) and demand to get the workers back on the job so that we can be secure in our homes

  • Greens turn out to welcome new interim leader   25 weeks 9 hours ago

    Thank you to Adam Olsen and Sjeng Derkx for being sensible politicians. On October 26, at the Cottonwood Market, Nelson, B.C. Adam Olsen, Interim Leader of the BC Green Party & Sjeng Derkx, Nelson-Creston BC Green Party candidate signed the Sensible BC initiative petition to amend the Police Act. It just makes sense. Here is the INITIATIVE PETITION COVER SHEET:

  • Harvesting the First Fuel   25 weeks 19 hours ago

    My field of expertise is PV solar power.

    If you know how to look behind the curtain, Boston sunlight hours cannot

    payback their solar PV power systems without subsidies in 50 years with present technology no matter what you may read about solar efficiencies.

    The reference articles state solar power systems will only last 25 to 30 years.  Governments all over the world are being fooled into subsidizing a completely wasteful renewable energy in PV solar power systems.

    Germany is finally recognizing their big problem, yet other governments don't get it, solar technology has come nowhere in the last 25 years.  It still belongs in remote areas where there is no other choice.  I am not against renewable energy, I am against stupidity, I expect a payback and people to use smart money where there is a payback, wait for technology to make solar PV power systems that have a potential payback.  Use the money wisely where there is a payback, energy conservation, better insulation all things that payback and continue to save, solar is a money waste with present technologies!

  • 58-year-old Castlegar man arrested with 45 pounds of pot   25 weeks 21 hours ago
    I will dispose of the evidence. That means a whole year of not having to obtain anything.
  • COMMENT: How smart are smart meters? The mysterious realm of information and its sources   25 weeks 1 day ago

    Money talks, nothing else.  We are greedy and spoiled by electricity, we can turn anything on at anytime and because of this peak demand occurrs daily for a few hours or less and we build power systems to accommodate this.

    How many more nuclear/coal/gas/hydro plants will we continue to build.

    Smart meters will be used to hit us in the pocket book, we will pay more for power during peak demand times, this will spread out power use, we will use our high energy dryers/stoves and anything else we can move to off peak times to pay less. If we were to spread out our power consumption through the day, we have enough power for decades without building more power plants, flooding more valleys, burning more coal, only smart meters can do this for us, nothing else works.


    The emf  scare it will fry our brains is nonsense, we are surrounded by far

    more emf from many other sources than smart meters can provide they are a drop in the emf bucket we deal with everyday.