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  • Pastor Jim Reimer asks council to fund feasibility study for a secure homeless camp   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Great idea

    Simple way to help people.


  • OP/ED: A first and last comment on 9-11.   1 year 10 weeks ago


    Wow, people still go for the conspiracy myth, eh?

  • OP/ED: A first and last comment on 9-11.   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Not cynical Tom, nor controversial. Just taboo. But it's a fact. A difficult one for many to accept, but a fact nonetheless, as history will eventually record.

    A great weight of physical and circumstantial evidence supports the conclusion: a very small group of leaders in Bush's administration and the US military, perhaps as few as three or four, not necessarily including Bush, caught wind of the impending terrorist action and engaged a select crew of special forces to plant thermite explosives in the WTC buildings to exacerbate the event and roll in the new world order.

    Leaders of the military-industrial complex had been waiting for just such a "Pearl Harbour" for many years...when it came, it just turned out they needed to help it out to get the kind of drama a plane simply sticking out of a building just doesn't deliver.

    And, as any ad man will tell you, September's a great month to roll out a new product...or ask Pinochet.

    I was a dishwasher on Hornby island on that terrible day. And the first thing I thought, in a split second, was "that looks like a controlled demolition." Skyscrapers are designed to burn and not fall, and to absorb airplane impacts. Airplane fuel does not burn nearly hot enough to melt steel, nor does anything else in these buildings. Is there any such steel building that has collapsed in that manner due to a fire? And how would it burn so symmetrically? The pancake theory falls entirely flat. As did the third building, despite no impact or significant fire. And when the dust settled, it was filled with residues and byproducts of high tech thermite explosives.

    The Reichstag fire lit by the Nazis and blamed on communists gets covered in our history texts as a genuine conspiracy that helped push Hitler into power. Why? Because Hitler eventually lost. Because, we think, only someone as mad as Hitler would conceive of a self-inflicted wound to advance sociopolitcal and military objectives...

    No, it's an old trick, and one we should expect, if we are savvy readers of power, politics, and history.

    While the victors of 9/11 remain in power, the ones who got everything they ever dreamed of—increased security and military spending, much stricter controls on civil society and a vast ramp-up on Big Brother—they can continue to seed the media with enough doubt (a la tobacco companies) and truly ridiculous conspiracy theories that discredit the fully reasonable ones... well, then we have a situation where more than a decade later the majority of people continue to be duped.

    Go ahead, give me a thumbs down for speaking the truth. But until people understand the real significance of 9/11—The Nail in the Coffin of Democracy—then what is left our freedom will continue to wither and dry, a slow death characterized by perpetual war, diminishing rights, increasing poverty, centralized oligarchic control, and all the other trappings of a miiltary-industrial future that our sci-fi authors have warned us against for generations.

  • OP/ED: A first and last comment on 9-11.   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Well expressed Kyra.  I think we all suffer from the frustration and or syndrome that you refer to.  However: no matter how broad your experience or thinking, analysis or perception, the (NIMBY) principal brings alot to bare here.

    I also find it very depressing that individuals like the shrub, (George Bush Jr. & Company) would be so opportunistic to harness such tragedy for their own gain, especially when general speculation is that they may have engineered it.

    Terrible to be so synical, but?


  • Nelson’s Terry Fox Makes a Difference For People With Cancer   1 year 11 weeks ago
    And . . . . What has $600 million raised, brought so far ? How much of those funds have been steered towards other therapeutic possibilities, as opposed to the pharmaceutical industry ? . . . . that doesn't really want to see a 'cure' 'cause then their profits would diminish, right? And 'who' allocates those funds raised ? And 'who' receives them?
  • LETTER: Strike is 'nefarious' and 'manufactured' and should frighten parents   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jason. I agree that this strike is about something bigger than teachers--and even kids. It's about our Constitution and the desire of government to whittle away at it if they can. Where does the whittling stop? Nowhere. Hence the need for a general strike: this is a matter of grave concern to ALL Canadians.

    There's no doubt the class size/composition issue was inserted as an insurmountable obstacle--and purposely so--by the Clark government. Whether to lead to a voucher system or to break the back of a troublesome union, only time will tell. Labour organization began in BC over a century ago with the broken heads of miners in Rossland. Will it end in 2014 with the broken backs of teachers?

    What's clear here, though, is that the BC 'Liberals' are intent upon union busing one way or another. Anyone who thinks that class size and composition aren't legitimate workplace issues that teachers have a right to their say nuts. Would you tell a Teck or Celgar worker that they couldn't bargain about steel-toed boots or air quality? We're at the point now where massive classes filled with under-supported, deeply-challenged students are the norm, not the exception in BC. It's rapidly becoming a job that no one can do capably and happily/healthily. Those who don't believe this need only spend a day in the average West Kootenay classroom to get a real sense of what teachers deal with ever day of their careers--for the lowest pay in Canada, pretty much.

    The issues at stake here are complex and easily manipulated by Clark ('they want too much money!') but my hope is that, as we move along, they're becoming steadily clearer. Thanks for your work in aiding this process!--ed.

  • LETTER: Strike is 'nefarious' and 'manufactured' and should frighten parents   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Clark has made no secret of the fact her kids attend private school. I feel her actions around health care are a harbinger of similar destruction of existing systems - and I think it's no mistake she can afford and benefit from privatization. I just don't get why so few other people can see what the BC "Liberals" (and I use that term lightly) are doing. Food for thought.


    Kyra Hoggan

  • LETTER: Strike is 'nefarious' and 'manufactured' and should frighten parents   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Thank you very much for your views on the current issues in the educational system in this province. Your viewpoint, as a parent of school age children, carries far more strength than comments by people that don't have children affected by the present situation. I hadn't thought about the connection between the Premier's use of private schooling and her extremely negative reaction to anything that may be construed as 'union support' . By allowing the teachers to continue with their (apparently futile) efforts to achieve a collective bargaining solution she is, perhaps knowingly, well on the way to bankrupt the Teacher's Association. If that happens, the 'voucher' system you mention could well be the end of real educational opportunities for all of the children who live "beyond Hope" aka the 'rest of the Province'.

    Thank again, Jason.


  • Nelson about to celebrate Kootenay Pride   1 year 11 weeks ago

    Wonderful documentary shown on CBC

    Survival of the Fabulous

    Gay filmmaker Bryce Sage has had a big question on his mind ever since he came out of the closet-how is evolution compatible with the existence of gay men? There's a lot of mystery about the biological mechanisms underlying sexual preference. Bryce sets out on a very personal journey to find out if scientists have come up with a definitive answer to this gay conundrum.

  • Free Lunchtime talks at the Library explore childhood ailments   1 year 11 weeks ago

    fOR NATURAL MEDICINE AND CURES. Please help those who are blind and willfully so, and deliver us form their evil of know-it-all (wrong) science

  • Free Lunchtime talks at the Library explore childhood ailments   1 year 12 weeks ago

    More free press for the snake oil pushers... There always were and always will be people who believe anything...

  • Nelson about to celebrate Kootenay Pride   1 year 12 weeks ago

    Lol Witherton, I wonder how many people never finished your first paragraph.

  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 12 weeks ago

    Witherton, I stand corrected -- but not by the materials you provided, which were Alberta law, not BC law.  I checked ... and whether or not the City of  Trail owns the bottom of Violin Lake depends on the terms of the original Crown grant of land.   If the lake was outlined in red in the original grant, then the City can own the lake-bottom.  If not, then it is owned by the Province.  It appears from the BC Land Act that the Provincial government is now keeping title to lake and stream beds for itself ... easier to give permits to mining companies to use them as tailings dumps that way  :-(   ...  Of course, the Province does keep title to all the water in lakes and streams, and makes various regulations that apply to the use of that water. The Federal government also has a say over some uses of lake and river water.

    As for the US, different states have different laws.  Some of them allow people to claim ocean beaches as "private".  Some American buyers of ocean-front land in BC have been very disappointed to learn that they do not own the beach in front of their property below the high-tide line.

  • Nelson about to celebrate Kootenay Pride   1 year 12 weeks ago

    I have no idea how our society has came to this... to let our children think that it's okay and acceptable to live like this. It's all they see now, it's all around them. There's nothing more harmful to our society and culture as we know it. It almost makes me weep thinking about what the future holds if things continue down this path... I wish we as a people could go back to living how we used to, when we were in harmony with nature and natural ways, instead of these immoral and unethical lifestyles.

    (Of course I'm talking about our fossil fuel obsession - what did you think I was talking about?)

    On the other hand, pride parades are always fun and it's great to see a community that comes out to welcome all walks of life. When we judge others, we do not define them, we define ourselves. Spread the love! Have a good weekend!

  • BCTF president sends teachers back to picket lines beginning this week   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Time to send a message to the BC libs that they will listen to. A message from big business, in other words from the people that have Christie Clark's personal phone number on speed dial, wherever she tries to hide.

    How do we do that? Well, it would be nice to see other unions join the teachers in a general strike, but contract language  generally prevents that. But parents (and often grandparents) can take family time off to take care of children who find themselves not in school as expected. Or, if it is safe to so, bring your kid(s) to work. Your employer doesn't like that idea? Tell them to phone Clark up to let her know how disruptive her fight against public education is to business. I bet you the Liberals would be back at the negotiation table and a deal made within a week.

  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Thanks for the clarification. From the letter it seemed they were saying it was all private property. City owned property is not private, by definition. Of course the city can still choose to close it to the public.

  • BCTF president sends teachers back to picket lines beginning this week   1 year 13 weeks ago

    i wish the teachers success in their labour action, but it's hard to see it happening any time soon, simply because Fassbender and the Clarkista government are not interested in really negotiating seriously....they have an agenda....union busting....and they do that by making the teachers look bad in the eyes of the public, insofar as they are able to do so...



  • COMMENT: Lessons from Mount Polley   1 year 13 weeks ago

    thanks for this article, and i can see the mess the Clarkistas are in, with their eternal brown nosing of big Corporations....and their eternal cutting of jobs and effectivity, resulting in no real oversight of Big Business in B.C....

    unfortunately, although the Clarkistas are not so good at actually governing, and representing the PEOPLE of B.C...they are VERY good at lying propaganda which represents them as the saviours of B.C....which people in B.C. appear to believe in sufficient numbers to keep re-electing these Harpocrites in "Liberal garb"....

    these Neo Cons can not be trusted to run a home business, much less the government of our Province....and yet the voters are so stupid, or self serving that they vote them back in every me they are crooks, liars, and cheats...but to B.C voters, they appear to be "gold plated"'s totally beyond me....


  • Robin Williams made you uncomfortable? You have no idea.   1 year 13 weeks ago

    thanks Kyra for posting this article about Robin Williams, yourself, and mental must have been challenging to decide whether to go public with your own struggles with ADHD, PTSD, OCD, and so on...i was moved by your honesty, and i hope it helps your readers to realise that mental illness is very common in today's world (just as it always has been)....and that in general mentally ill people do not get the same kind of care, respect, and trust, that people suffering from any other "physical" disease would get....

    if you have cancer, no one holds it against you....if you have diabetes...the same....but if you are mentally ill (and so many actually ARE) don't dare to tell anyone, except perhaps close family members) because you KNOW it will negatively impact your life in society....

    what is needed is more people like you, Kyra, stepping up to the plate, and revealing that they too suffer from mental illnesses of various kinds....

    many great artists were/are mentally ill....depression, bi-polar, and so on...and in fact, without that illness, they may never have produced those exquisite masterpieces which are so valued today....Vincent Van Gogh springs IMMEDIATELY to mind in this case....

    it's long past high time that we discard the stigma which has always been attached to mental illness, and the people who suffer from it....

    thanks again Kyra for this excellent article about a widespread problem that is not going away anytime soon....



  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Hi Phil!

    The City of Trail is one of the property owners in the area. I believe this is the only property they have the right to police, unless they have some sort of arrangement with the other owners.


    Kyra Hoggan


  • Council candidate Charles Jeanes thinks Nelson should put a stop to growth   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Great stuff.

    Even if I don't agree with everything, it would be so refreshing to have someone in council who did view the world differently. 

    The point that I do definitely agree with is the false idea that unlimited growth is necessarily a good thing, or a net positive. My philosophy is that growth at all costs is a very harmful idea to the community and the feel of a place, especially Nelson.

    If you don't agree with that... imagine in 20 years Nelson looking just like Banff, or Whistler... I like Nelson exactly how it is right now. Much more development and growth, and I might not recognize this place anymore. And that would break my heart.

    A radical thinker or two in council would do wonders for the future of this city. That being said, as people get older, they are more wary of change, more wary of new ideas, and it's only older people who vote in these little city elections, so it will be the same old ideas promoting growth for eternity... so enjoy Nelson while you can, while it's still Nelson as we know it.

  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Just wondering why the city of Trail is monitoring the Violin Lake area and cleaning up after trespassers? If it's private property shouldn't that be the owner's responsibility? Hell, I even clean up garbage and mow the lawn on city property that borders my property. I didn't know as a land owner I was able to call on the municipality to take care of problems on my property.

  • First Nations leaders shocked and saddened   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Harper is so out of touch with the real world.. His comments about the native women are about as sensitive as Obama saying Ferguson has nothing to do with race and is only a police matter. But Obama isn't that dumb. Harper on the other hand, is.

    The guy is clueless and embarrasing. Why would anyone vote for loser with so little understanding of the real world.. Ohh Canada I pity thee.

  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 13 weeks ago

    Actually, Sara you're wrong on those accounts.

    aaand wrong about the US too, but not important

  • Visits to Violin Lake are actually trespassing   1 year 13 weeks ago

    "Zazzoo", you are  mistaken about the title to lakeshore property "below the high-water mark".  If someone owns ALL the property around a lake, they also own the lake-shore and the lake-bottom.  

    If three are two or  more private properties surrounding a lake, the property line generally divides the lake  (and its shores, and its bottom) equally among them.

    It's only on the ocean that the land below the high-water mark is public property ... and only in Canada, by the way.  It's different in the U.S.