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  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 5 hours ago

    Will, this was NOT the Nelson Daily. We will discuss ways to make that more clear (the paper of origin).

    My name is Kyra Hoggan, I am the editor of the Castlegar Source and the Trail Champion, and the decision was mine, and mine alone.

    Please direct any distress to me, not my affiliates, and I apologize for the lack of clarity around who posted this.

    I am horrified that the backlash for my decision is impacting my very hard-working and worthy fellow editors.

    We will strive to find a way to better identify ourselves in the future.

    Thank you for bringing this very serious issue to our attention, and I personally am deeply sorry for the confusion this has created.


    Kyra Hoggan


    The Castlegar Source/Trail Champion

  • Stephen Harper’s ‘Strategic’ Path to Ruin   1 year 11 hours ago

    I don't normally respond publically about political commentary but in this instance, I'm going to. Mr Dobbin has, in the past, had blogs that were entertaining, relevant, humourous, and even plausible. This blog, dated May 21, 2014, has all these qualities plus added value.

    The added value is in the point by point, methodical, chronicling of our Prime Minister's systematic disassembly of his powerful coalition's main message to the voting public. This message has been that the ' Conservative Government of Stephen Harper ' is in control and has the best interest of Canadians first and foremost. The Prime Minister, by his actions and speech, seems to be trying to prove his government's slogans and rhetoric to be mere window dressing, hiding the nasty bits behind the curtains.

    One item mentioned, but barely touched upon by Mr. Dobbin, is the absolute gutting of the ' Navigable Waters Act '. The changes to this act alone have opened up for development most fresh water resources in Canada by industry, with little or no recourse for the citizens to protest or impede developments.

    This action by the government, along with the numerous other changes in legislation, have had and will continue to have extremely negative effects on the lives of all of us.

    I can only hope, for the sake of our country, that the electorate will realize, in enough time to change the government, that the present course of our Federal government is sheer folly.


  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 14 hours ago

    Kyra, allow me to quote from your article on defending our teachers:

    "Perhaps a better education would leave them with a stronger understanding of the word 'hypocrisy'."

    Perhaps a better education would enable citizens to freely exchange views without fear. Actualy, there is no "perhaps" about it, it is as sure a thing as things can be sure.

    And that's my last word on the subject. Promise.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 15 hours ago

    A good point. I'll discuss it with our tech guy...or David, as we like to call him.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 15 hours ago

    Andre, you're awfully smart, and I appreciate you having brought this up. I am not dissembling. Describing jeopardy promotes identifying the people experiencing said jeopardy, and thus promotes the very jeopardy we wish to avoid.

    I have to walk an often very very awkward line, and perhaps I get it wrong more often than I realize.

    That being said, I can only do the best I can, with the best of my knowledge.

    There is no ill-intent, and to focus on this is, to me, a disservice to our education system, which was the original point.



  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 16 hours ago

    Kyra, the real problem here, as I see it, is that  you found yourself confronted by a case of jeopardy.

    You had a choice to make, and you not only made it, but you are taking responsibility for the decision you made.

    You do not owe (at least not to me) and explanation or justification for the decision you made, You decided to explain, that too is your decision.

    This exchange brought another issue to light which merits examination. What could possibly jeopardize a person for stating that teachers are (fill in the blanks, as long as you keep four-letter words to a minimum)?

    What is the nature of that jeopardy you recognized? Is it something along the lines of what led to the firing of a university prof in Saskatchewan, with the consequence of his re-hiring and the further consequence of the university pres being fired?

    What if an editor had hidden that prof's identity under a burqa when publishing his comments? the prof would not have been fired because he could not have been identified. However, the university pres who has since been fired over the incident would still be on the job today. In the end, is it not a good thing the prof's name was out there for all to see? 

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 16 hours ago

    Hi Adrian - please note that readers can't tell which news site this letter originates from, or which editor chose to run it. When I read it, it looks like it originated in the Telegraph. I see that another reader thinks it originated in the Nelson Daily. Perhaps there can be something in the design of the site that will make this clearer? Or even if the editor's comment at the end was signed - Kyra Hoggan, Castlegar Source, or something to that effect?

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    The person who allowed this smear to be printed then hid the name of its author should be sued by the Teachers for slander.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    Shame on you for hiding the name of the author of this smear.
    By doing so, you are not only protecting the author of the smear, but you're an accessory to helping a smear artist not have to take responsibility.
    You're making this smear you own.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    Feel free to delete same, Adrian.

    Having said that, a reader presented me with a case of jeopardy in the face of (their) opinions, and my educated judgement call was to concur.

    I think my reputation stands for itself - I have some background in this.

    If you feel it does not, please either delete the story or bring suit.

    I stand by my decision, and I believe I was protecting you in making it.


    Kyra Hoggan


  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    I think its totally cowardly to hold back your name when you go out and purposefully slander teachers.
    Teachers are among the hardest working people in our society. We entrust them with our children's lives and minds.
    For over 10 years they have been assaulted, slandered, smeared and had their incomes stifled.
    Now the Nelson Daily allows some anonymous person to smear them some more, and even protects that person by hiding their name.
    I'm very disappointed in the Nelson News editors for doing this.
    As for the author of this smear, shame on you. Have the courage of your convictions and put your name to your slander.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    I think Andre was making the opposite point here, Kyra. He was arguing that we each need to be brave enough to stand behind our stated opinions if we're to take part in an open society.. Exceptions can be granted only when there is a danger of serious (illegal) repercussions to the author of a piece.

    I think many readers are having a hard time understanding why making the almost-cliched 'teachers are out for themselves' argument in public is in any way risky? I've been hearing that one since I was a kid! It's hardly dangerous terrain.

    As Telegraph editor I'm uncertain how I feel about this unsigned piece running in our paper, especially when I recently went after Rossland City Hall for issuing an unsigned press release that was pretty rhetorical in nature. At the same time, I see value in letting this conversation play out.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    Yes, Shelley, the author requested redaction.

    I assessed his request based on my best knowledge, and stand by the decision I made.

    You're both inconveniently honest, and a remarkable asset.

    Thanks for asking the question.



  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 17 hours ago

    Hi Shelley. Thanks for the support! I'll just note that this decision was Kyra's and she and I have been discussing our stances via email this morning. I'll be putting in my two cents' worth later today. In the meantime, it's worth noting that each Lone Sheep paper is independently owned by its editor and is editorially-independent. I respect Kyra's work greatly, though I may not always agree with her decisions. More to follow. A good discussion like this is always healthy.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 18 hours ago

    But Kyra, did the writer ask you to leave his/her name off the letter? If not, was it really your place to make that call when the writer had no problem submitting the letter in the first place? Interesting journalism conundrum that's worthy of debate! Respectfully, Shelley

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 19 hours ago

    ... highschool students will learn about the period from the late 20th century to the early 22nd century, known as the Age of Misleadenment, while philosophers will debate how the Age of Reason set the stage for the Age of Incredulity.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 19 hours ago

    This is why we withheld the name.

    Kyra Hoggan


  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 19 hours ago

    What is the value of “freedom of expression” if that freedom needs to be curtailed not by government fiat, but by fear of repercussion not only to the person expressing the thought, but also to that person’s family?

    How can a society deal with difficult and thorny issues arising from social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic changes if, for the sake of social, cultural and physical security, a person wishing to express a thought ought to wear a burqa?

    A political climate which induces fear in citizens while purporting to be free and democratic is as odious as an openly repressive regime because it robs citizens of hope.  

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 20 hours ago

    What a joke. 

    Yes.... trust us, the teachers are to blame.

    Yes.... trust us, the nurses are to blame. The unions are to blame. Postal workers are to blame. Single parents are to blame. The people on welfare are to blame. The environmentalists inhibiting our resource extraction industries are to blame. 

    Notice a theme? It's always US, the people you actually live next to, the people you see walking down the street in your town, your neighbors and friends. It's always an evil group of working people who are asking too much, acting too entitled, not willing to make sacrifices that are needed to benefit society. We're always the ones that have to make sacrifices and stop demanding so much.

    But it's NEVER them. It's never the ministers, the administrative boards, the legislators, the MLA's, the business owners who support the party, the industries who take our resources and don't give enough back. Those people aren't ever written about in the news. They're never being asked to sacrifice. When they ask for something, they get it. Laws are written in their favor (see recent changes in environmental assessment regulations). Tax laws are written in their favor. MSP payments for our health care are in their favor (someone supporting a family making 30G a year pays the same for health care for their family as someone making 800G a year!). 

    For anyone to be so ignorant to what's really going on in our society is shocking. To buy into their little propoganda game, to truly believe that we, the people, the workers, your neighbors, your friends and family are to blame, are the ones who need to sacrifice - pitiful. They've already won if they have people, like the author of this article, believing their story.

    Time to face reality. 

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 20 hours ago


    You have no idea how much I appreciate your support. But I feel compelled to note that the decision to withhold the name was mine, not the letter writer's.

    I perceived that person's opinions to be potentially damaging, not just to (them), but to (their) children.

    That 's not a decision I make often, or lightly. But I stand by it when I do.

    If you want to condemn someone for that decision, it will have to be me, not the writer, as it was my choice as an editor.


    Kyra Hoggan


  • OP/ED: In defense of our teachers   1 year 21 hours ago

    Thank you, Kyra, for your excellent analysis of a complex subject.  Better education (and education, like everything else, could always be better than it is) is not the solution to every problem. But it's probably the best tool we have.  You have to wonder how those who routinely criticize teachers and advocate cutting their wages suppose this can possibly lead to better performance. 

    Even more puzzling is why, in view of the tremendous damage being done to our environment by corporations (aka "the private sector")  for the sake of greater profits, some seem to believe that turning essential services over to the private sector will automatically lead to better...anything.

  • Interior Health gets two new board members   1 year 22 hours ago

    So the IHA has hired some more of their Liberal business buddies on the board of the IHA. None with any medical background. A useless board that rubber stamps whatever the administration tells them.

    Interesting that before the health authorities were created, we didn't have any paid board members. These administrators should be voted in by the people or appointed by local politicians not appointed through some secret process.

    All these health authorities have done since they were created is to close half the beds in the province while not managing to save the taxpayer one cent, costing more each and every year.

    The best news would be to see that BC has followed Alberta's lead and got rid of these bloated, useless, wasteful things, not that they have hired some more lackeys in an already top heavy, administration driven health care system.

    The health authority system is such a waste and badly broken.

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 22 hours ago

    I am in full support of the Rossland Telegraph and read it daily, but to run such an opinionated letter without a signature is appalling. Print newspapers have always had a policy to never do so unless the letter-writer is put in danger by the publishing of their letter. Somehow I don't think that's the case with this one. I can accept the wish for anonymous commenting (though I would prefer people stood by their opinions, and don't like the bravado anonymity can bring), but not anonymous letters. There has to be accountability.

    And in response to this letter, Kyra says it better than I ever could in her recent editorial:

    Thank you Kyra!

  • LETTER: Teachers using kids to mask greed   1 year 1 day ago

    You're absolutely wrong when you state that "nobody feels free to say what they really think for fear or reprisals."  A great many people have spoken up on the teacher issue, both pro and con, and as far as I know, nobody has been shot for it yet.

    Maybe you were talking about yourself when you made that statement, and of course, nobody can challenge you regarding your own feelings. But I will point out that you HAVE said what you really think--albeit in a cowardly way. Instead of doing it openly, you hide your identity while trashing at a whole group of working men and women who, by your OWN ADMISSION are dedicated and hardworking.

    As a profession, yes, it is a "lifestyle choice." Like any other profession one might choose. Some are unable to carry the burden and stress this profession entails.  Some can, and do the best they can. Whether they are great teachers, merely good teachers, or mediocre ones, they are helping raise every child. If that line of work doesn't deserve the best salary a society can provide, I can't think what does.




  • How will Rossland resolve its governance mess...or will it?   1 year 1 day ago

    Andre, you have not only explained with absolute clarity how Rossland's City Council's turning over most of its responsibilities to the CAO resulted in the governance mess that the city is now in and for which citizens are now paying, but you have also made it absolutely clear as to what the solution is.  Thanks!