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by KAST on Tuesday Jan 01 2013

How will we use less energy in the year 2050? That answer just became a little clearer courtesy the hopes, dreams, imagination and creativity of 143 Kootenay Boundary students.

The annual Kootenay Contraption Contest put on by the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST), GLOWS (Growing Learning Opportunities With Science) program received a record number of entries in...

by Mona Mattei on Monday Dec 31 2012

Ringing in the New Year often leaves us with the echo of ringing in our ears and groggy thoughts for the first day of the year. Whether you follow George Clooney’s advice to avoid hangovers in the first place, sweat it out in a workout like Daniel Craig, or resort to the trusty “hair of the dog” like many others, clearing our heads after the big party is critical. So here’s the Sentinel’s...

by Kyra Hoggan on Monday Dec 31 2012

I’ve been trying for days to pen a year-in-review column, and God knows there’s no lack of material. Just within our little business world, there’s been the launch of The Trail Champion, The Castlegar Source’s Facebook supremacy (yes, that was a little bit of a brag, I’m so very delighted to see 1,632 people following our headlines on Facebook) and the thrill of welcoming several new...

by Mona Mattei on Saturday Dec 29 2012

At this time of year when the snow is deep and we take time to relax with family, what could be better than turning up the heat, and snuggling in with a blanket and popcorn to watch your all time favourite movie.

The Lone Sheep family thought it might be nice to share the movies that we can watch - not just once, but again, and again, and... well you probably know exactly what we...
by Contributor on Thursday Dec 27 2012

Here's what's on the horizon at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson. presents Boy on Wednesday, January 9 at 7:30pm

Allegro Dance Theatre presents a performance of music, song and dance celebrating the art of Impressionist Painter Edgar Degas on Saturday, January 19 at 2:00pm

The Nelson Overture Concerts Society presents Allison Girvan Any Place I Hang...

by Keith Simmonds on Monday Dec 24 2012

The Scriptures of the Christian Church tell us that the birth of the baby in the manger at Bethlehem came at the end of one era, and the beginning of another. In Luke's Gospel, the Angel Gabriel visits first not Mary, nor Joseph, but one Zechariah, a priest of the temple of Yahweh, and his wife, Elizabeth, a descendant of Aaron. Aaron the brother of Moses and the first of the Priests of the...

by Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Dec 20 2012

Castlegar's own Holly Smee is stunned and delighted to have garnered the support of more than 10,000 people just days after launching a Facebook campaign in response to recent tragedy.

Smee, a 34-year-old mental health worker, said she got the idea on the same morning that a school shooting spree took the lives of 20 elementary-school children in Conneticut, while a mass stabbing in...

by Christine Esovoloff on Thursday Dec 20 2012

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

there was plenty of stirring, but not one goddamned louse.

I had made extra sure we would all be nit-free,

just in time for St. Nick to come down the chimney.

We were over the pox, and the flu, and the cold,

just holding our breath, worried what next might take hold.

Tis the season when germs...

by Keith Simmonds on Wednesday Dec 19 2012

John the Baptist--by all accounts a wild eyed, camel-haired, fire-breathing, proclaimer of the word--is most well known for the words he reserves to those who came to hear him preach. Coming to cleanse themselves in the waters once crossed by their ancestors, on the completion of the journey from Egypt through wilderness.

Coming to lose themselves in the revival of the Spirit energized...

by Bruce Fuhr on Sunday Dec 16 2012

It seemed like only yesterday Jeremy Grant was walking the halls of L.V. Rogers encouraging friends to take to the trails so he could film them using his parents VHS camera.

Grant obviously has now graduated to the big time after capturing Best Director as part of the Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment’s Where the Trail Ends, film 13th annual X-Dance...


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